But first, Coffee!

It’s been a while since we have done a coffee mega post and as per-usual we have been drinking coffee by the bucket load! So we checked out some new shops, some good, some bad and some freaking terrible! 

Crussh (Fit Food) 

The Fitzrovia branch, a small shop that if you weren’t looking you would miss it. One of the best shops in our opinion for choices in sandwiches, so many vegan/veggie options. The food was nice and the drinks were pretty damn good too. We both had Mochas with Oat milk and no complaints! The staff were nice and we even have returned since. 

What used to be Nanna’s is now St Pauls, pretty much the same shop, the same decor and the same clientele. Lots and lots of babies (yuck) but less wool so that’s a bonus! The coffee was ok nothing amazing but it was ok. The sandwiches and food looked pretty good then and really generous portions so it may be worth a visit for that.

In the trendy land of Stokey there is a coffee shop called The Parlour, the main reason this shop stood out was because the coffee servings were more than a thimble! We got Mochas, a flapjack and a sandwich. The coffee was ok, a little on the sour side.

The Flapjack had plastic in the middle but the staff quickly apologised and exchanged it for one that wasn’t filled with plastic and also only charged us for the coffee in the end. The sandwich was ok a little bland and a bit stingy on the cheese side since it was a goats cheese and veg. Plus it had a lot of aubergine even though I said I was allergic. so really not that good!

Near Highbury and Islington there is a coffee shop next to the Garage called the General Store. It sells Beer, Cocktails and Coffee. We popped in and grabbed a coffee. Now we wish we hadn’t! Both tasted of cardboard (I don’t even know how) 

Bob’s had bleach in it which ended up burning her lip and mouth, not horribly but enough to blister. SO I guess that means DO NOT GO THERE!

So there we go! Coffee and more. Do you like drinking coffee whilst listening to screaming children?  or Do you like a little bleach with your mocha? let us know.

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