Wishing your Life away.

On a yearly basis, there is one thing that seemingly ‘everyone’ seems to be doing and instead of it being something practical or important, such as recycling or trying to become more conscious of the impact you leave on the world and the people around you. It seems that all anyone cares about is Christmas! 

When I think about Christmas (usually at the end of November) I think snow, December, nearing the end of the year and during that time seeing friends and family. Even mulled wine! I don’t think ‘Now Easter’s Over its now Christmas! Let the countdown begin. 

It seems Christmas isn’t just a Holiday at one point in the year anymore, it’s literally almost all the time now. Christmas sections were put in shops in July for goodness sake! Now that it is September, we are getting adverts for Christmas shopping, Christmas music is already playing, Mince pies are out, Christmas adverts are already playing!  Advent calendars are on sale! Even checkout staff are wishing you a Merry Christmas when you pay. 

I can understand if you are having a double holiday where you may not see some of the people who you celebrate with, then by all means have Christmas when you can with them. 

Christmas used to be something everyone got excited about in December!

I’m not religious or anything but I thought the whole point of Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Jesus…. Well are we saying he was born every day now? Or are we saying that every single day we should talk about an upcoming birthday that is almost a whole year away?


Do you do that?

I mean honestly do you think “Oh it’s Michael’s birthday at the end of October and it’s January now! It’s so close, we have to buy his present, tell everyone about it now, plan the party, buy the food, get the decorations and maybe even bake the cake!” 

Sure I get that it does take some prior planning to buy presents, to get the right turkey (or tofurkey) and how to get Aunt Mavis from the station the day before, but does it really have to all planned in Spring? or even in Summer? Can’t we get through Halloween and then move on to the next Holiday?

The reason this upsets me so much is that it just seems like we spend all our time looking forward to ‘Christmas’ that we miss everything else. We miss the other holidays and instead look ahead to something that has become a major consumer holiday rather than something meaningful.

You don’t even know what could happen between now and December, you might move, you could get hit by a car, I mean who the hell knows?


In Closing

Stop wishing your life away! Learn to take life one day at a time and stop buying into the next overly advertised thing. and for the love of everything stop putting your Christmas decorations up in June!!!!!!!

When do you start decorating for the Holidays? Is it too soon to advertise? What’s your favorite Holiday?


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