A small post about Coffee

Though we have been to many Coffee shops over the past years we seem to be exhausting new Independent Shops. Though this seems like something that is not possible due to the sheer number popping up nowadays. We like to keep our coffee purchasing realistic, like buying a cup that is bigger than a thimble (We are looking at you Stoke Newington) and not filled with disgusting soured tar (Hackney) Or white froth and no coffee (Clerkenwell) and don’t even get us started with Woolwich. However we have had some winners so without further ado. 

Royal Free Glass Cafe

Because we have a number of medical problems (See post in a couple of weeks) we seem to be frequenting every single Hospital in the whole of London and with that, more places for coffee! This being one of them. There is a small fruit/veg and produce shop nestled just outside of the main entrance of the Royal Free Hospital.

It doesn’t seem like much but the Coffee was deceivingly nice! Though it wasn’t hot it tasted pretty good! We also bought some Jalapeno Crisps which was really nice. The only drawback was the staff didn’t really seem to want to be there and wanted to play on their phones instead.

Le Pain Quotidien (B)Akery and Communal Table (As the Sign in the window says!).

At the base of the hill leading up to Royal Free there is a small Bakery/Coffee shop on the corner called Le Pain Quotidien aka the Daily Bread. 

Which we have had a coffee from before but that was years ago! We went back this week and got 2 Oat Milk Mochas. It’s quite nice in there, the cakes looked tempting and there was a selection of produce to buy and take home. The bread also looks nice but super expensive! They are more geared for people to sit and stay and less of a takeaway. 

The Coffees we had a bit off differing opinions – Ash loved his and Bob found it really sour.

Sacred Cafe

We were in Regent’s Street last week, gawping at the hundreds of people in Apple buying the latest iPhone and after, walking around and around the Carnaby Street area looking for an indy coffee shop and coming up empty.

We tried Nespresso in Brewery St, however found they were selling ready made pod coffee therefore there was no dairy alternatives so that was out!

Said, with that ridiculously chocolatey drink was out too.

So we wandered, you would think there would be many coffee shops around but no (except for a large number of Pret-a-Manger’s). So after 30 minutes or so of walking around the edge of the Soho area we walked over to the other side of Carnaby and finally stumbled upon Sacred Cafe in Ganton St.

It looked and felt more like a bar and looks like it has the potential to be very busy during the night. There was pulpit above the stairs, which hid the coffee machine and the interior was rather stylish with its exposed brick and chalk boards all around.

We ordered two Mochas as is our way and were offered, not only Oat Milk, but Soya, Almond and Lactose Free milk too – impressive!

The coffees were hot – not just warm, actually hot – and tasty, we will return here should we be in the area again, besides it’s not like we have a lot of choice!

Caffe Nero

We have also been frequenting a couple of the Caffe Nero chain shops recently. We have always used the Covent Garden (Long Acre) branch and with the new App and their double loyalty points for using your own reusable cups it’s a good incentive. 

The Angel shop is large and the staff are fun and helpful. The Borough High St version is not so great, sure they make the fastest Mocha in London, but its void of taste.

The Tottenham Court Rd shop has a weird, dark and dirty downstairs and we would recommend you get a take away and sit in the park area behind, even in the middle of Winter it’ll be better than the bathroom waiting room of a basement. In all the chain is consistent and the coffee is likewise tasty and the same throughout (mostly).

This is unusual, as we find and the other chain have some of the worst coffee we ever taste. What the hell do Starbucks do to their tea? Pret’s coffee is vile and Costa is just wrong in on every front. 

Well there you go, another selection of Coffee shops for you to try and let us know what you think. Do you drink coffee? Do you have any places you recommend or want us to try for you? If you like what we do, support us by buying us a Kofi and all that Jazz. 

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