Oww! My Back! my foot, my nose!

Do you suffer from a bad back? Or maybe you have problems with your knees? Ankles? Maybe you have IBS or nasal problems and have you sort treatment from the NHS only to be told there is nothing to be done, or it’s not acute enough to treat.

Well yes you’ve guessed it we have been there, done that and so we sort out an alternative and that is The University College of Osteopathy.

Ash has had back problems most of his life and as a kid saw an osteopath on a regular basis, so he swears by the service. So when Bob complained about back pains a few years back he referred her to the school in Southwark.

The name hasn’t changed on the sign though

But in the duration of our visits we have learnt that it isn’t just backs that they treat and they have discovered that many of our own injuries, symptoms and pains aren’t due to muscular pulls, slipped disc or the like in our spines, but other causes.

The British school of Osteopathy was elevated to the University College of Osteopathy last year (2017) although the sign still recalls the old name, it is now officially a worldwide renowned institute, teaching students in a full time four year course, from all over the world. Students from China to Canada train there. 

The treatment is undertaken by students in their second year, but usually third and fourth years see patients on a more regular basis and they treat under the supervision of world class tutors, who are the heads of their field. – such as the former head of the Institute of Osteopathy in New Zealand prior to becoming a full-time tutor at UCO for example.

A new patient has a first appointment that will last around one and a half hours, where the student assigned to them will take a full history, do a physical and neurological examination and then present their findings to a tutor out of the room. This usually takes around 5-10 minutes. Then they return and will start treatment.

Subsequent treatments last 40 minutes, with a follow up history and presentation to a tutor and then appropriate treatment. The tutor will visit the treatment room while the student in working on the patient.

One of the most common aspects known about Osteopathy is the manipulation or HPV of bones, At the UCO this is only practiced by 4th years or lower years in the presence of a tutor and only with the patient’s consent – Every time –  But the students also treat patients for nasal disfunction, Migraines, Irritable Bowl Syndrome and tendon strains in their feet, in fact anything, not just backs.

Having been seen there for a number of years now, we have passed through a number of students, most of whom have gone on to travel to the far ends of the world to take up positions and students come from all walks of life, having had previous careers or having come straight from school. Some like French National Adam found they preferred the hands on approach more satisfying than that of becoming a doctor and having struggled with student life in Paris sort out the UCO instead. He says it makes more sense to lay on hands and to do the work themselves, rather than become a GP or only specialise in one small part of the human anatomy. While others like Nonica were professional dancers who through injury found herself at the end of her career and while having treatment, saw a new career opening before her. Many students are trained masseurs, who want to extend their knowledge and then discover so much more in their training.

Treatment costs £25 a session compared to local practices of £60-90 and if you are a student, NHS Staff, NUJ Member or one of numerous corporate companies affiliated with them, concessions are available and you will pay just £13 a session.

So if you find yourself struggling with a pain or condition and the NHS is being useless, then do as we do and take a trip over to Southwark Bridge Rd and find relief at the University College of Osteopathy.

Have you been to the UCO, how was your experience? Let us know in the comments. Remember to subscribe to the blog to receive emails with the latest post each week.

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