An early Christmas

A month or so ago Ash entered a contest to photograph the Anthology Hoxton Press buildings and surprise! Woohoo he won! Grand prizes were promised and we wondered and pondered the possibilities from the construction development giant, would it be a new car, or even one of the apartments of the nice new development in Hoxton – which don’t seem to be selling…. but….No.

Instead he won, two tickets to the Ideal Home Christmas Show – which were were actually free to anyone who applied! Oh spoil us why don’t you!

But we figured we would check it out to share the experience with you.

So here are our impressions of the Ideal Home Christmas Exhibition at London’s Olympia.

Long story short, It’s SHIT

With two free tickets in hand we entered a Christmas Wonderland, well that was what it looked like from outside, fake snow, Christmas Songs, and Reindeer welcomed us off the Silverlink and into the Exhibition Centre at Olympia. 

Through the doors and inside to the wonders of…

Old grannies in pastel wraps, grumpy old men and armfuls of bags. People selling Whirlpool baths and Garden furniture, Skillets and Cars. 

This is exactly the same show we visited in March only this time someone remembered to put tinsel around the top of each stand.

Sure there are more Christmas Trees than Lapland’s White Friday! And baubuls a plenty, but at £9 each you can go fly a reindeer off a roof if you think we were going to buy them.

No, this show is aimed at the disposable income based Grandparents and retired businessmen, with nothing to fill their days except buy more crap for their winter home.

We wandered around trying to find anything for someone not waiting to kick a bucket – and there were a lot of buckets to buy too. As well as baskets and hampers! – But sadly the best we came up with was the fake snow! 

So we headed to the Restaurant where our benefactors had splashed out to include the sumptuous Afternoon Tea with Prosecco – Not the full Lunch which was £5 dearer, but the cheap alternative.

It was a cup of tea – no alternative milks – four thin slithers of sandwiches – no concessions for the Veggies or Vegans of this world, all butter, creams cheese and four cakes, including a scone with clotted cream, again, no help for the lactose intolerant among us.

The couple next to us had sat waiting to be served over 40 minutes when we sat down and it was well over an hour later than scheduled we finally got served.

This best part was our waitress a charming East European lady who complained on our behalf to the organisers about this, not that it was going to do anything! 

So we sipped at black tea, nibbled cakes and poked at sour sandwiches, then left. 

We actually ended up with food poisoning, so not only was it enedible for Bob but both of us ended up with severe stomach pain. So wasn’t really a good time.

We will not return to again, for it is not our idea of an Ideal anything, and if that is what you want in your home, you’re better off moving into a retirement home and get the staff to wait on you!

As for the prize from Anthology. Well they only made about £180million on Hoxton Press so it’s not like they could afford any decent prizes is it?!?

Well that was our Experience, have you been? What did you think? 

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