Don’t Just Eat…

We all have to eat, right? And to eat right.

But ordering take away food from the take away service Just Eat isn’t as easy or reliable as it always should be. This isn’t because of Just Eat itself but more the restaurants listed on it. We have ordered more than our fair share of take aways over the years and we like the idea of one website that umbrellas every restaurant in the area in every culinary persuasion and diet. But did you know how much Just Eat charge the restaurants? 

We have ordered from from numerous places and numerous flavours with varying levels of success. Indigo Indian is great and we have found our North London Indian Restaurant after many, many attempts. We tried Ruby Murray in Clerkenwell and after trying to order via Just eat, we ended up calling them, they were rude and horrid because of this we are pretty sure they spat in our food. In fact when we called to query the delay to an order (over 45 min late), then when the order finally arrived and was wrong they just hung up on us.

We have ordered Chinese and found Ned’s Noodles in Shoreditch which was really really good! Good portions , delicious, pretty much everything you could look for in a Chinese. But this was only after many many attempts with other restaurants beforehand. Sure we struggled with a number of food intolerances which may mean that we are a little more fussy when it comes down to how our food is prepared but with the rise of intolerances and dietary requirements shouldn’t there be more options? 

We have yet to find an Italian that doesn’t just do Pizza, that delivers, to recommend. As they tend towards small portions and are more often than not bland and cold. French don’t do Vegetarian. Korean and Vietnamese put MSG in everything and we can’t eat it.

We have tried numerous Mexican too, yet none have been good so far. In fact we can go as far as to say they are inedible. When you order Mexican from any of the Just Eat listings, the food is bland, often cold and really small portions. Are there any good Mexican Restaurants in London? Is it another thing that UK can’t do? We have found one, Exquisite the sister restaurant to Pizzadelique in Finsbury which is great, they just don’t deliver.

So we have had mixed success but the reason we are writing this post is because we finally hit rock bottom last week in another attempt at Mexican, which when you look on Just Eat they have pretty good reviews. However take a closer look at other sites for the same restaurant and the reviews are disgusting, with comments like;

 ‘This was truly the worst restaurant we have ever ordered from’.



There are three listings that take you to the same place, which all direct back to La Casita Mexican in Brick Lane, but we don’t think Just Eat have even looked into this. 

The food was gross, the order was wrong, the driver didn’t give change, it was cold, 2 hours late, the staff were rude and the food actually had shattered and splintered bones in it, even in the veggie option! We tried complaining and they didn’t care. We kept being given the same “someone will call you back” excuse, to which no one ever did (surprise surprise).

So we called Just Eat who apparently couldn’t get hold of the restaurant either, they tried to help but we had made the wrong decision of paying with cash and not on card. Just a note, never pay cash, if you pay card you are covered and Just Eat can reimburse you. The staff were helpful but unfortunately didn’t seem particularly swayed to remove the restaurant from their listing, despite all of the above reasons and the other ratings.

We suggest you use Just Eat to find a restaurant maybe call and do some research before you order as quite often you can get some deals that maybe Just Eat aren’t offering and you never know you could get a freebee along the way.


So that’s our experience, what are yours? If you have recommendations do let us know

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