Coffee? You call that coffee

We have been to more than our fair share of coffee shops over the last few years and we know what we like. But we also know what we don’t and what makes bad coffee. Recently we have been around London and searching for more, little independent coffee shops rather than going to the big chains. But we have only found some odd and horrible excuses for coffee.

Along Highbury’s Corsica St, a side road off of Highbury Corner there is a small coffee shop that if you didn’t know what you were looking for you would never see it. There is no sign, no adverts and it’s hardly ever open, the epitome of trendy. The cups were tiny, tiny, tiny, think thimbles put in a shrinking machine and then poured a single drop of bland coffee in it. We didn’t even bother even after waiting so long for the shop to be open.

 The not vegan, vegan shop in Lamb’s Conduit Street. Don’t advertise vegan if all you sell is ham and pork sandwiches. After perusing the menu we walked out! There coffee sizes were small, smaller and medium but still less than 200ml. It was filled with builders and trendies.

Harrison + Hoole in Tooley St next to Tesco near London Bridge.

We ordered two oat milk mochas but they ended up being warm/tepid lattes with chocolate at the bottom that wasn’t stirred

But just to prove we don’t just moan, the Le Pain Quotidien in the Southbank Centre.

The first place where we have left with really, really hot and nice coffee, see it can exist! Although the sandwiches were £9 each and a piece of chocolate was 3.95

But the coffee was good and pretty standard price. (3x coffee = £11)

It seemed pretty busy with a post work and pre theatre vibe.

Well there you go a review of mostly crap coffee – once again.

There must be more coffee shops that sell large, hot cups of coffee with flavour and a nice service, apart from our Caffe Nero in Angel. Do you know any? Do tell, leave us a comment with your favorites.

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