We want a fEUture (Fuck Brexit)

This March will mark the start of ‘Brexit’ and if you can’t already tell (by the title), we are not happy! I warn you now, this, like most of our posts is a rant. Normally we don’t post on political matters but sometimes we just have to show what side we are on. Just to not be tarnished with the same brush. 

On June 23rd 2016 we were asked to vote whether or not we thought the UK should stay in the European union. There were promises made, convincing people to vote ‘leave’, such as more money going into the NHS, a border control system like that of Australia and Canada and fairer trade deals without paying the EU’s fees.

However as soon as this was put to a vote, we just knew that like most things it was going to turn out crap!

Unfortunately when the votes were counted we had been condemned. Yes I understand that 17 million voted for Brexit but as the sign says above people can be wrong. Not only were they wrong but many people feel like they were duped, so many of those promises that were put forward were immediately withdrawn. 

Now I know that we voted against Brexit and I know that some people like anonymity when it comes to voting, but we don’t care who knows it! As soon as the question of stay or leave came in, I (Bob) did my research I knew the spins that politicians use and I was prepared to make my choice.

Now we know that only one of us (Ash) is British by birth and I know that, that probably means I (Bob) should have no input but at the same time I have lived here a long time (longer than I would have liked), I have watched over the past couple of years the UK  going from a mix bag of people, cultures and art to what we have now. Racism, bigotry, pubs shutting before 11, early bedtimes, Christianity shoved down our throats, transport is constantly delayed, Budget cuts for the NHS, etc. I cannot understand why in a time where people are fighting for equality the UK had to take a plunge back in time. 

77% of people don’t want Brexit but it doesn’t matter anymore because ‘The people have spoken’. Though when you look at the voting over the whole of the UK you see a pattern, the less mixed places (countryside and small towns) voted leave, whereas the mixed (big towns and the cities) voted stay.

Now here is a controversial opinion but, a lot of the people that voted leave were the older generation and it seems unfair that though the younger/mid range voters said stay, (who by the way will have to deal with this change for far longer than the older),so if under 18’s can’t vote because they can’t make an educated decision, then shouldn’t a post 80 year old be given the same restriction or not be allowed to vote?

Ash; I was a once proud Londoner and Brit, now I’m mostly ashamed of being named so, but we are stuck here, no one wants Brits in their country because the world sees us as racist, xenophobes. We are both sick and can’t get the right treatment and we are ridiculed and picked on for not standing by the convictions of this backward country and its stupid politics and as we said before we don’t want to be ‘Tarred with that brush’.


Now we have already seen the negatives, the racism, the prejudice, the general hate and the lack of decent food and/or the food either being stockpiled, not coming into the country or rising to a dramatic rate due to trade costs, because we don’t have those deals we were promised. But also we see medications that will no longer be provided on prescription because they are not British made, ex-pats are being forced to return to the UK for fear of their healthcare being taken away, their pension being stopped or their pets being made to come back because Pet Passports will not be valid. There are so many negatives to this situation and it was a completely avoidable one.

Yet here we are – still.

Image result for dont leave gif

Anyway Rant over, we just want to say that though we live in the UK now, we hope you will realise that not all people want this to happen and though it will, know that we are not supporters of Brexit. Please know that we loved the fact that this country used to be an all welcoming, all creative, all multicultural and all diverse land, who was not afraid of a little language barrier. It was one of the things that made London what it was, but alas I guess all things must end.

With all that said and done are you a Brexit supporter?

What are you going to miss most?

Have you been told to go back to your country? (I have)

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