Coffee, coffee everywhere…

And not a drop to drink, seriously what is going on in this city? We have done another round of the independent coffee shops and found them lacking, so very lacking in flavour and content. Well that is most of them. Here are a few more coffee shops we have found and the coffee we were served.

Lavéli Bakery Acton W3 

When we went climbing at Acton last month the café in the wall was closed during the day. So we popped in to the Lavéli Bakery on Churchfield Rd. for a Mocha and maybe a sandwich to get for the journey home. The outside looked stylish and we entered, inside it was a little small and there was an array of cakes and pastries.

We ordered two Oat milk Mochas, handing over the travel mugs and a Spinach Wrap and a slice of carrot cake. We were impressed with the speed of the making of the coffee, that is until we saw the coffees. Both travel mugs were only filled a quarter of the way, sprayed with chocolate powder and cost over £3 each.

We took our near empty cups and the food and ran for our train. Once on the platform we sipped at the mochas and promptly gagged.

What the **** did she do to it, it was VILE, truly the worst tasting coffee in London (So far) – even worst than that served at The Reach), it was undrinkable. The spinach slice and the carrot cake were just as inedible, the slice was completely flavourless and the cake was powdery and tiny too.

Seriously if you are going to The Arch or are in Acton, don’t go inside the black fronted bakery, it’s not worth it.

Yonder Climbing Wall. Walthamstow E17

Though we mentioned this in our review he other week, we should include it in this review.

We ordered two Oat Mochas and a Mozzarella, Pesto and Tomato Toasties.

The order of the two coffees took at least 15 minutes to arrive and were in these tiny cups and were full of froth that tasted of dirt or cigarette ash. Again we didn’t finish them, even though they were barely a full mouthful. The toastie took another five minutes to arrive, was cold and was equally tasteless.

The cafe did ruin our experience of the new wall and we won’t be ordering there again, when we return to climb there.

Coffee Blooms – Lamb’s Conduit St, WC1

Trying to find a coffee that isn’t served in a tiny thimble in Clerkenwell/Bloomsbury is a mission itself, but after looking and extensively searching all the Espresso Bars and Cafés in the area we found Coffee Blooms.

A narrow little shop, with a far array of foods and some interesting artwork. We ordered the usual Mochas (but Soy instead of Oat) in our travel cups, we left, took a sip and found…

It was ok, nothing outstanding nor amazing but since the last few were disgusting it wasn’t hard to cheer and sing its praises.

Leon Borough SE1

We have been into Leon’s in the past and order food, but as we were in Borough this week and needed lunch and to kill a couple of hours, We looked about for a while trying to find a coffee shop but ended up in the chain shop.  

But as Bob is nearly Vegan, the ‘Vegan Burger’ appealed and the staff’s attention and care over the ingredients of the food was a nice touch, even in the midst of the Lunch Time Rush. So we ordered two Vegan Burgers and Two Soy Mochas.

It was loud and chaotic, the music was random, but after a quick charge as someone got up to leave a table, we were settled and sorted.

The burger was good – even coming from a non veggie – and the coffee was pretty good. Not amazing but good enough. 

We will probably be back in there at some point in the near future for more burgers and maybe a coffee.

AMT Guys Hospital Ground Floor SE1 

We had to kill a lot of time in the area (as you can tell) and we found AMT in the hospital,The staff were very pleasant and wanted to help as much as they could, even after they mucked up the order. But two Soy Hot Chocolates were ordered (and eventually received).

But they were once more undrinkable, this time the Peruvian Hot Chocolate tasted like tea, yes tea! And the normal Hot Chocolate tasted of warm water tinted with mould! Another cup of drink pour out into the gutter because we couldn’t suffer it.

Well there you go, a few more of the Capital’s Coffee Shops tried. Do you have any recommendations for good coffee? Let us know in the comments, remember to subscribe and check out our Social Media too

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