Beer and Burgers at The Lord Clyde

After our annual trip to pick blackberries (see last year’s post on Jam making) we deviated from the usual tradition (just a little) by not frequenting the Princess of Wales Pub in Walthamstow, but instead retreating to another pub for a Beer and Burger. We had seen a sign for ‘Mates or Dates’ at The Lord Clyde in Islington a couple of months before and planned our day trip.

So after the long day picking fruit to make jam (or as Bob and Bruffin says Jelly) on the Walthamstow Marshes, we (Ash, Bob, Bruffin and one of the dogs) got a bus towards home and alighted at The Lord Clyde on Essex Rd (N1) for a much needed pint of IPA and a burger.

Why such a detour you ask? Well Clyde does a rather good offer on Wednesdays;

‘Mates or Dates’

This means you buy a burger and get a second free, so great for a date or treating a friend, or in our case as a reward for fighting all those brambles, thorns, flies and other deterrents mother nature throws up to stop you getting to the fruit.

So with beers ordered, 2x Meantime IPA’s and a Shandy for Bruffin and a large bowl of water for the dog (though she’d rather drink from the spill trays behind the bar), we picked through the menu. 

For Bob the choice was the usual of Veggie Burger or nothing!

Bruffin went for the The Lord Clyde Classic – well done, or burnt to a cinder block! –

Ash had the Same thing without the Bacon and cooked rare, that’s 3 burgers and it’s buy one get one free, so we had a spare!

So as there were 4 of us the dog got a whole burger to herself! She is not spoilt, we swear (yeah right!)

Bob and Bruffin ordered classic fries and Ash had chunky Wedges (the dog had fries too). 

There was a bit of confusion over the order, the veggie burger arrived and we waited for the other two and we waited and in the end waited 15 minutes for the other half of the order. The burnt classic came with the wedges and as one was rare and the other blackened we had to play a juggling game over the table.

With our food and a beer, we set to it. So how was it?

The food was good, one of the best meat Burgers I’ve had anywhere, shame the beer was not as good, for a pub that claims a wide range of craft beers it lacked many, they simply have a few cans and bottles in the fridge at high end prices, that was why we settled for the IPAs.

Well given I had only one choice it was quite good, but the burger needed some sauce in the burger, something punchier, though it had flavour it lacked that oomph! But the fries were cold when they arrived and by the time the other burgers arrived they were definitely cold.

The beer was nothing to review, just a standard London Meantime Pale Ale and really not very nice.

Bruffin: My burger was good, it wasn’t burnt enough for me, but they never do cook the burgers enough, but it was the closest to what I want that I’ve got in any restaurant or Burger Bar. The chips were good too and the buy one get on free made it even more appealing, oh and the dog really liked it too!

Well there you go a simple but effective review of our meal, we would return to The Lord Clyde for Mates or Dates, but we fear the beer choice, maybe we would have to have a wine instead, or a short. 

Hope you like this review and if you go let us know what you think. Remember to subscribe for our posts to your inbox each week and check out our Social Media on the right.

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