Climbing Moss go for Coffee!

Well I believe every single person who has read this blog knows that we love our coffee, good coffee preferably. But more often than not coffee can be bad, REALLY BAD. We witnessed both over the past few weeks.

Poe Coffee 

Right on Stoke Newington Church Street, there is Poe Coffee. A small shop with a very confused man. There is a decent selection of food and drinks and seems vegan friendly.

The only thing is the clientele with their screaming children and all that jazz. There are books lining the shelves, in German, Japanese and even people reading them (shock horror!)

Sushi Daily 

We went to Sushi Daily because we really fancied a Katsu Curry and since Wasabi has now shut down on New Oxford Street. There wasn’t a huge selection of Vegetarian options, but they did serve what we wanted. The Coffee was ok, foamy but ok but the Katsu Curry was really, really bland. I mean had absolutely no flavour.

The good thing that came out of that experience was finding out about the app Too Good Too Go Which allows you to see the local shops giving away food that would otherwise be wasted.

Tea Pigs

Not coffee, but last week was Tea Pigs 13th Birthday and so they were doing a special day of free Tea for everyone who noticed. We got given a selection of tea bags and a free tea of our choice from the stand. We chose a classic Black Tea (Ash) and Trim (Bob) there was just too much to choose from it was ridiculous.

However the the Trim Tea I chose was not the best but I have tried plenty that I have loved but I guess they can’t all be winners.

The Black tea was fine, it was EXTREMELY hot though! Oh we did get free Tote Bags for supplying our own re-suable cups, so it does pay to have them! And the bag is really heavy duty, great for the Christmas Shopping that is just around the corner!

Pomme De Pain

Bob: I’ve had a sandwich from here before and it was good, but I never got coffee (I know shocking right?!) So I had meant to go back to try it.

The coffee was really good, surprisingly good, it’s always a shock and especially after the Detox Kitchen the day before!

Also just to say, though we didn’t get food, there is a large selection and usually a Vegan option and Meat Version and it seems really popular, we will be back to try out food at some point.

Detox Kitchen

There are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants in Carnaby Street and we have tried a few over the years, we saw the Detox Kitchen and thought we would try this. Why? Oh why did we?

It looks good, there is a selection of random salads and sandwiches and we asked for the standard, two Mochas, (even though the menu didn’t state they did it), they didn’t have Soya Milk, but did have a selection of plant based milks and we picked Hazelnut. We waited and the barista asked if we wanted a sweetener in the drink to take the bite off the chocolate, because it was actually Cachou powder. We said yes so she added Maple Syrup in one and honey in the other – Get the Honey – .

The coffee looked fine, maybe we should have just looked at it, but no we made the mistake and drank. As we said the honey tasted better than the Maple Syrup, but only marginally.

Truly this has to go on the ‘OH fuck what is this?’ Like is was Disgusting yuck not coffee, not drinkable and we didn’t, we tried, really we did, at £3.50 each we wanted to drink more but we couldn’t and we used it to clean the sewers of Kingly St instead. Maybe that was the point it was a Detox Kitchen after all, maybe it was meant to strip your insides clean and kill you in the process!

Harvest N16

While skirting the edges of ‘Stokie’ a few weeks back, trying to avoid the trendies in their ‘too short trousers’ and well manicured beard and the men too! We found a coffee shop in the corner of an organic food shop. At first we thought, ‘Hmm, Organic and trendy’ but the prices seemed reasonable and so we dared to try it and we were really glad we did.

It’s just the bakery part of the supermarket and offers a selection of breads and cakes too. We order the standard – 2x Soya Mochas – and got offered a load of free chocolate brownie pieces to try while we waited (well Ash did!)

We took our travel mugs and went and sat in Abney Park Cemetery and discovered it is still full of weird and loony nutcases!

But the coffee was yummy and reasonable, we even got an olive and sun dried tomato roll too and was charged less than that hideous excuse for coffee above!

This is one to return to if we ever find ourselves there again, shame it’s not a location we frequent too often.

Well there you go another selection of the indy coffee shops of London.

Do check them out if you find yourselves in the area and come back next time for another post on something to do in London

Until then, check out our other posts, our social media and we will see you again soon.

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