Propaganda and Panic

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Coronavirus has over taken the world and unless you happen to be Jared Leto you cannot escape it. So sit down and get comfy whilst we rant.

Coronavirus also known as SARS-Covid-19 (that’s Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Viral Disease 2019 strain) is the latest strain of the Corona virus.

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Symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are a cough, a high temperature and shortness of breath.
There’s no specific treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19). but it is known to spread by contact of a hand or body coming in contact with the virus and then being digested into the lungs, where it grows and then is expelled and to spread further. It does this by making the carrier cough or sweat. They ( the infected) then wipe the sweat or cough on or near another person and the cycle goes on). It is not an airborne disease, it isn’t just in the air.
Covid19 is infectious to about a 20% of the population but of that 20% only 3% fall into the danger zone, that is 3% of 20%, not 3% of the population (20 รท 3) this is the infection rate NOT how many people are going to die.
The Flu (the common flu that happens every year) is 20 times most virulent than Covid19 and this year (since 01/01/20) has killed 95 people in the UK
Covid19 had killed 35 people in the same time. that is 1/3 of the number the common flu kills.
Scrub that, 
Today it has jumped to 137 deaths, there is a good reason for the jump, because the UK refuse to test and treat – unless you happen to be a government minister or a civil servant! They aren’t even testing medical staff.
That is a 4% Death rate at the moment and if it continues to go untreated by the UK it will keep rising. The growth rate in every other country severely affected by the virus has grown until it started to level out, the UK’s curve is more likely to go up until everyone is affected and then drop slowly, with only the recovered cases coming out of it and the 4% death rate going to around 20%, well that’s a guess.
There have been 460+ deaths caused by Road Traffic Accident over the same duration and that is a high number but the way we are going that will soon be a small number compared to the number of deaths  from this virus.
This is all because newspapers and social media are escalating panic which is blowing (an important issue) way out of control.
So the underlying answer here is don’t feed the virus, not CoVid19 but the hype virus, that you read on Facebook and Twitter, get your facts and trust only the NHS or WHO website and stay safe. 
So why oh why are people doing this…
Toilet Roll and potatoes will not stop the disease, even if you…
Yet the world is running low on paper towels, even if you have the worst cold in the world you don’t need 240 toilet rolls.
The issue you are causing is this – with no toilet tissue people cannot wipe after they go and so they will be forced to find other things to use and then don’t wash their hands properly that will spread E. coli and dysentery and then we are trying going to be in deep…
Weddings can’t happen unless you only have 5 people, so all that planning, expenses for nothing. So that’s 1 Bride, 1 Groom, 1 Priest or official, 1 bridesmaid and 1 Best Man, screw the family and friends who spent money on travel, hotels, gifts and all that money spent on the venues, the food, the flowers, the clothes…
People on their deathbeds can’t say goodbye to loved ones, unless via Skype – Can you imagine that? You get to say one last goodbye on some grainy pixelated video that has a ton of glitches and bugs and drops signal all the time? 
“Goodbye Granny, I will a—w- SCCCCCRR Signal Failure’. End Transmission. Please try again later’.
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Rubbish and recycling etc, will be left in the streets and not cleaned or collected because the refuse collectors can’t go to work, can’t get face masks to wear and can’t dump the rubbish even if they collect it. So we recommend making friends with the local rat population because you’re about to see a lot more of them. Then we can have a nice dose of plague to go with your Corona Virus!
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Schools will shut this week, meaning that parents will have to stay home with the kids as there is nowhere for them to go, no care groups or the like and this isn’t just for the 2 week (supposed lockdown), this is until September. So no school for Johnnie, but Mummy and Daddy will be out of work too because they need to stay home to look after him.
School exams are being cancelled, so next years University Enrolment won’t happen because there won’t be any results to determine who would get in.
The class of 2021 won’t exist! Hundreds of teenagers wont get the grade they deserve and we will probably loose out on potential Doctors, Scientists, Musicians etc.
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Everyone is being told to stay indoors to not go to work, that is unless you are one of the few exceptions and who is considered an exception? Well let’s see…
Well of course, Doctors, oh and Nurses, plus the hospital cleaners, porters, cooks, radiologists, Technicians and support staff, admin staff, Physio Therapists, 
Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Gynaecologists, The staff on the psych wards, carers.
Supermarket staff, delivery drivers, warehousemen, Transport Co-ordinators.
Pharmacists and staff. 
So that’s still quite a lot of people.
But if you are a Barista, chef, shop worker, banker, Public Transport worker, photographer etc then you will be at home. So you won’t be paid which leads to not being able to pay for shopping, medication, rent or mortgage. Which leaves everyone in limbo, even after this blows over the whole of the world will be in financial hardship. Millions of people will have lost their jobs. 
We won’t be able to review indie coffee shops anymore, because they simply won’t exist anymore.
There is also the ongoing issue with homelessness, if the lockdown goes into effect then what is the vast majority of the homeless meant to do? Where can they go? If you were an adequate government you would have thought that they could allow the homeless into the hotels that have been abandoned, the huge stations like Kings Cross or even the Churches. I know that people aren’t supposed to gather but it must be better than the alternative?   
Also animal shelters and homes are shutting down and many animals are having to be put down, which is terrible, but even worse are the stupid people abandoning their pets because they can’t cope, or fear they can’t walk Fido.
So if you can adopt or foster please do, save these animals from this stupid virus and the hysteria surrounding it.
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On the plus side you can see the difference in the world that this respite from pollution has done, Venice Canal Network is cleaner for the first time in hundreds of years, China has less CO2 emissions
So in closing, Yes take this virus seriously, do wash your hands, take safety precautions, use masks, don’t go out if you don’t need to and look after who you can (If your in a position to do so)
But don’t:
Hoard toilet roll
Stop buying 500 bags of chips and baked beans.
Do wash your hands more than you think you should.
Don’t go out to the pub!
Don’t go out unless you need to.
Oh and stop being racist against Asians, they didn’t invent the virus!!!!

Hopefully we will be back next week with a lighter and more entertaining post till then don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on the social media we forget that we have.
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