There is still time for Coffee

Sorry we haven’t been updating the blog recently, we are still working on the current projects. The coffee map is almost done, We are creating a beer quiz which should be fun! Then we are also working on our website layout and icons etc. Basically we are busy with many ventures but we still had some time to go and check out what coffee was on offer.

So we have mostly been hanging around N1 for no other reason than Upper Street seems to have more to offer in the way of food/drink, as far as we know (If you would like to suggest a place then we are more than happy to explore.)

Since our last review of Kobo the prices and the queues there have gone through the roof, the last we checked it was almost £9 for 2 Mochas +Soya, which is a bit too much no matter how delicious it is.

So we perused our options and we started at

La Farola 

Usually a Tapas restaurant and always looks positively packed, we saw that Coffee was on offer for £2 so we thought why not! The drink was pretty damn good but the cups were Small, not hipster small but not a normal size either. By the time we crossed the road the drink was almost gone. A nice taster though…

Gallipoli (Upper Street)

This is next door to La Farola and seems to be joined, we ordered a pair of coffees at Gallipoli the first time and the man didn’t take our order and just walked away, the man at La Farola called us over and took the order instead, then he went and got two cups from next door. We never actually got coffee from Gallipoli so this is just to say that these two restaurants seems to work together.

     Then across the road there is

Gails Bakery 

Now we have been there twice now, the first time the coffee (Mochas with soya) the coffee was delicious! and the portions were pretty good too.

However the second time, the drinks were tiny and the first few sips were the only decent ones, the rest was super sour!

Hopefully more coffee shops will be open next week but who knows? So till next time, or if we finish the other projects .

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