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The weather has been nice (which has been a shock) and we have got bored of our usual coffee joints and wanted to try something new. We have been eyeing the Bubbleology shop for quite a while now and thought why not?!

This is our first experience with bubble tea and wow there are A LOT of options.

So SO many options, for Bob its like being a kid in a candy shop for Ash its like staring into a realm of fruit and screaming.

Well this is our experience.

Firstly its all vegetarian – YAY

Secondly its all customizable in terms of more or less tapioca, jelly or boba. Different milk options and temperature levels.

Bob went with Peachberry and Ash went for Oreo Crush with soya milk, we picked up our special Bubble-tea straws.

And because it was such nice day we went and had them in the park.

They were vastly different tastes one more milky, sweet with tapioca boba giving it that chewy sweet taste.

The other was more fruity with popping boba in raspberry and peach flavours which gave varying degrees of taste as the drink went on.

The side of the cup had those funny little quirks that companies sometimes do, to make you smile whilst using the products (A little quirk we love)

Bob enjoyed the taste but found that she was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of boba and ended up with no juice and tonnes of the little balls.

Ash – Well my drink was chewier than I thought it would be and a bit disconcerting, think lumpy milkshakes! It was nice, but ten minutes after finishing it I felt sick and had stomach ache, either they didn’t put Soya in and used Dairy (Lactose intolerant), or there is something else in there that my poor, sensitive (and annoying) body couldn’t handle and I had another allergic reaction to. but I’ll go back and try something else, maybe a fruit based drink!

All in all it was pretty good, I would go back and explore some more options, I am sure when you find exactly your order you will be in heaven but till then I guess we keep trying.

Have you tried Bubbleology? Or any other Bubble tea shops? Any you would recommend drinks or shops? Or a drink recommendation?

Let us know in the comments.

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