The ‘Real Greek?’ Or It’s all Greek to Us!

The other week we visited The Sky Garden, but beforehand we found ourselves on the Southbank, feeling a little peckish and needing a coffee or something. Under Tower Bridge we spotted a ‘Real Greek‘ Restaurant with a sign outside showing off their menu and saying that all main meals were 50% off during the day. This looked good so we decided to give it a go, here’s what we found…

We had intended to just get the usual pair of coffees and a sandwich, but the sign and the photos did their job and enticed us in.

We entered and were ‘welcomed’ by a sullen man who barked an order to scan the QR code and then questioned us over whether we had indeed scanned the Big Brother monitoring device.

We were waved towards a table near the door and left to get comfortable, the view wasn’t bad, but the location of the table was a bit chilly, near the door on a cold and very wet Tuesday, but we sat and perused the menu.

When the waiter didn’t return we called him over and ordered a couple of bottles of beer and an order of the Veggie Meatballs to share – being a main and we only needed something to tide us over, we figured this would do.

The beers arrived fine, then we waited for our main. We chatted and watched the passers-by hurrying from the wind and rain and then the grumpy waiter returned, dropping a small bowl on the table and disappearing. The main dish, was literally a four inch Creme Brolle dish with five meatballs in a little tomato sauce, no rice, no pitta, not even a couple of lettuce leaves to garnish it, not just a tiny portion of meat free balls.

Having demolished the food in 5 seconds and still feeling as hungry as we had prior the ‘Huge’ meal, we felt we had room for more and dared to order some Halloumi Fries to take away, because clearly we were not wanted in there any longer.

Another waiter brought the bill as it seemed the first man couldn’t be asked to deal with us and we paid, it wasn’t as cheap as we had calculated, mainly as the beers were dearer, but we just took our fries and left.

Seeing as we learnt our mistake of ordering only a single main we felt we should try again and when Bob was out last week with Bruffin they decided to try again and do it properly and order a selection of mains. This time at the Covent Garden branch.

We were led by the same grumpy type man, who made us ‘scan’ the app and then give him my name and phone number. Even with all of that we were still led in a cramped space to a table right next to a couple of women and with my back literally pressed against the man behind me.

We ordered Humus and some flatbreads, some Gigandes and more Halloumi Fries and had water rather than the small selection there was of alcohols.

The food was bland, the best dish being the Halloumi Fries.

At least the meal was cheap. But the selection of mains was still too small no way could you call it a main – unless you are from Ratatouille. Had this not been on 50% off it would not be worth the money.

We probably wouldn’t go back unless it was for a huge meal, given how much you have to spend just to feel full.

Have you been to the Real Greek? What did you think? Let us know in the comments etc

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