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Over the last few weeks we have been drinking a few Bubble/Milk teas and telling you all about it, but we have also been trying to find new Indy Coffee shops to try out and so here is another collection of places we have found for you to try.

Queen’s Coffee (Kiosk).

On a wet and yucky Wednesday a couple of weeks back Ash found himself killing time wandering around Queens Square and noticed a little stall set up and selling coffees, cakes and cookies, seeing as it was cold and wet and he needed a refreshment and approached and order – yes you guessed it, a Soya Mocha, our ‘go to’ drink.

The service was fairly quick, although the man serving seemed a little confused as if he were new to Baristaing and almost forgot the chocolate powder.

But Ash took the drink and walked around and around in the rain, trying to loose an hour and sipped.

No, it’s not a really big bin!

The Coffee wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great, but it did the job, it was warm, not hot, it had caffeine and was kind of chocolatey, but it’s one bonus point was it was a damned sight better than any other coffees in the Great Ormand St area that we have tried (and we have tried most so far).

White Pine

We have exhausted near enough all the coffee Shops in and around the North of Oxford St, Tottenham Court Rd and Charlotte Street so it was a nice surprise to see the new development in Rathbone Place has a indy Shop to try and what a unusual and interesting place at that.

Inside is a really cool land of fake birds in branches of a tree growing overhead, funky lighting and music playing, the staff are happy and talkative and really helpful, there is a large selection of food and drinks on offer and bags of coffees and chocolates to buy…

and lots and lots of Apples!

Of course we didn’t get to sit in and enjoy our coffees (you know corvid and all that!) so we took them and sat in the little courtyard inside the complex.

The Coffee wasn’t a disappointment and we have meant to go back but with Lockdowns and no excuse to go to The west End we haven’t as of yet returned. But we will and maybe one day we will be able to sit inside.

Giddy Up

Another stall in the middle of a Park is Giddy Up, in the entrance to Islington Green.

The Baristas here is a lot more competent, in both coffee making and film knowledge, given the in depth conversation we had while one made up our Soya Mochas, along with Talk of Industrial Strength heaters to ward off the cold and the influx of stupid people in the UK she had us entertained. Another time we were amused by the Barista laughing and talking to himself while mixing the Chocolate for our drinks.

we took our coffees to sit at one of the benches in the park and sipped away.

The coffee was good, which was a relief as we like this little kiosk and want an excuse to return. Prices were also good compared to some of the local indies and being right opposite our regular Nero we guess they have to be competitive.

Caffe Nero (Victoria).

Talking of Caffe Nero we did visit a new one of the Italian Chain in Victoria the other day, although it was very restricted and clearly not allowing for people to stay and with all the doors and windows thrown open.

The one member of staff was a little disgruntled (probably because of being freezing in the cold shop), but the coffee was fine.

You’d expect all the coffee to be the same in all the Neros but it really isn’t and some are bad and some far superior. This was one worth noting and mentioning (so we have!)

Well there you go, another small selection of the 1,000’s of coffee shops in London and more recommendations to try. If you are know of any we haven’t tried do let us know and if there are any you want to try and want to see if we have tried them, search (using the search box) and see what we thought. We are working on a map but these things take time!

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