Coffee in the time of Covid (Still)

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The Country is still in lockdown – well London is but we have still found a way to try new indie Coffee Shops because nothing can stop a coffee addict! These are what we have found so far.

Ole & Steen

A famous Danish Bakery settled in the middle of Canary Wharf – The coffee was delicious but expensive!!! They had a vast amount of baked goods but expensive enough that you would have to be out of your mind with hunger.

The interior was huge! With bright lights and a vast seating area.

There were a number of Mums with babies sitting about eating the extortionately priced salads and drinking their Flat Whites.

Kape Konnection

A new little takeaway coffee shop that has popped up in Camden Passage, N1. The owner is really pleasant and there is a fairly decent selection of vegan snacks etc.

The coffee was ok but a little sour, it definitely needed an added sugar or two, but the size was good.

Frequency Coffee Angel

This coffee shop again seemed to pop up from nowhere.

There was a good selection of food – which all sounded delicious! ‘Ja’apeno Cornbread Muffins’ -yum! The barista was a nice guy who sadly looked bored out of his mind. The seating area downstairs looked spacious but obviously we had to order and leave.

The coffee didn’t really taste like a mocha but more like a cappuccino – but if you thought of it more like a cappuccino it wasn’t bad. The latte was pretty smokey tasting

What was wrong was the size of the cups, the Clerkenwell Thimbles once again – you know gone in 3 sips.

Well there you go another roundup of independent coffee shops in London, that are still open, or opening up despite the restriction, thank heaven Coffee is an essential item!

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