Iced Coffee and Bubbles!

Welcome back to our blog we have not been active recently, mostly because there hasn’t been much to do or see. Well except drinking Alcohol, Tea, Coffee… and this post is about the latter so without further ado. Usually we do a minimum of three but this time only two. We will returning to our regular schedule soon enough.

Bubble Station

Unit 60 Camden Palace

We had been looking for a coffee shop for just over 30 mins and noticed that we have either been to all the places in Camden or they were thimble servers. So we went looking for our other chosen (non alcoholic ) beverage – milk tea/boba tea/bubble tea, whatever you want to call it. Supposedly there are two in Camden. One was out of alternative milk and seemed to have a really large queue outside anyway, so we looked on google and found the other.

Bubble Station – Doesn’t seem to have many votes but the votes it does have, are all really high.

We found this at the top end of that road you know the one between the food halls and what used to be the outside market, that is is now kiosks of food stalls.

The shop front was simply a counter in front of a kitchen turned into a bubble tea shop, so no frills or anything, outside were a couple of tables and chairs and that was all, it all seemed rather disorganised and shoved together.

As with all the Bubble Tea shop the menu was confusing, if you know what you want it’s fine, but trying understand what goes with what, which is hot, which is cold, whether it comes with tapioca pearl or not is real guess work, so We tried to pick two drinks and then ask, to which more confusion happened. 

We ordered 1 Vanilla Chocolate with Soya (Cold) and 1 Mocha Soya (Cold) with tapioca and it came to £12.50 


We queried this and after a lot of re-calculating were handed back 3 pound coins. But still it was £9.50 for two drinks. Drinks without Alcohol! Supposedly this is about right for a bubble tea, but still that’s still cheaper than The Alley.

There was however quite a selection in terms of non dairy options, a lot of the Boba Tea Shops it’s Dairy or nothing, this had every type of Alternative Milk you could want, probably even Pea Milk!

We will return if nothing else we know two drinks we can order next time and how much they cost!

The Drinks were pretty good a perfect size (as in big!) and with just the right amount of Tapioca pearls – they very much tasted of exactly what we ordered – one vanilla and one Mocha coffee. We have had some in the past that no matter what you ordered it ended up tasting exactly the same.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Downhills Park Café N17

We found ourselves at a random park the other day, enjoying an afternoon that wasn’t cold. The Café at Downhills Park claims to be the best Café in a park in London! So we had to check this out.

The staff are really nice and helpful, we had to order through a side window and the menu is badly hand written on sheets of paper and stuck to the shutter. The choice of Iced Coffee or nothing! But when we asked for Iced Mochas the woman said sure! So it pays to ask! We waited a really long time – about 15mins – but were presented with two decent sized cups and she said ‘I hope you like it, I’ve never made that before!’

We sat on the grass and watched a group of school boys playing basketball in a really nice park and sipped at our drinks – which were way better than most and even though it did take a loooooong time to make were pretty much worth the wait and we passed an hour or so enjoy the rare warm UK sun!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

So that was that. We will be back soon with reviews on something else so stay tuned.

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