The First Monday in May!

Hold on that can’t be right, it’s the second Monday in September, so why are the beautiful people all gathering in Fabulous gowns at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York?

Yes it actually happened, The Met Gala – postoned from May – happened this Monday and the great and the good were in attendance, all screaming into the Givenchy Handbags ‘Finally an excuse to dress up and by photographed in public!!’

So here after a very long absence is the Climbing Moss review of the Met Gala 2021. “In America: An Anthology of Fashion”

Now before we continue, the good people of WordPress (we still possess our sarcasm license) have set a limit to the amount of storage we can use so we have to limit the number of images we post and these fashion shows have a lot of pictures in them. So we will be posting all the chosen images on our Pinterest, in the Red Carpet Board and in the Met Gala 2021 Section, so click here’ to see them all and should the images not appear here they will be there. OK? Good!

Start with those that we were happy to see attending – The Pretty Pretties

(Left to Right)

Rosé – She looked pretty but it was a bit too casual for the event.

Lili Reinhardt – She seems to love this event and always dresses up, this time opting for a pretty floral number.

Kristen Froseth – It has pockets! The color suits her, she looks pretty and it has pockets!!!

Madison Beer- She looks effortlessly elegant.

Taylor Hill – Pretty, Stylish and a little bit more daring.

CL – This is a nice blend of cultures (20th Century Hanbok) its a shame about the shorts.

Barbie Ferrera – This really compliments her shape

Nikki De Jaeger – This is the more dramatic, colorful version of Barbie’s – it has shape, features and inspirational message.

Storm Reid – I really liked the shape of this dress and the colors worked too plus its sooooo fluffy!

Valentina Sampaio – This was a rare photo where she wasn’t flinging the sleeves everywhere but it was dramatic and pretty.

Tessa Thompson – The only issue is the hat but the rest is really nice.

Justin and Hailee Bieber – Oh my god! Justin actually looks smart maybe her style is finally rubbing off on him.

Lil Nas X – This was a three part costume and it really was a costume! This is what the Met Gala is really about turning up in a cloak, taking it off to reveal a Gold suit of armour then revealing a black and gold sequined jumpsuit.

Jordan Roth – No clue who he is but the outfit is certainly unique and actually not bad. Where else could you wear this?

Troye Sivan – Not many men would dare to wear a plunge necked body con dress but it really worked on Troye

Finneas – One again no idea who he is, but it is perfectly coordinated in color from mask to shoes and its quirky and well cut.

Kendall Jenner – Where else would you wear this? Pretty revealing and glamorous

Hailee Steinfield – Really nice dress but what did she do with the makeup?

Billie Eilish – This is the outfit of the night – who would have guessed that she could turn up and look like a 1940’s movie star

Grimes – Who would bring a sword to a red carpet but she did and it works, nice ombre effect and unique.

If you want to see more of the arrivals then go to the pintrest link. Did you see any of your favorites? Did we miss anyone?

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