I’m not biased – I love All KPop

We like K-Pop and it’s taken over our playlists and music choice this past few years – and will probably take over our Top 100’s at the end of the year too. Because of this we thought we’d share with you our likes of all.. or at least most of the current K-Pop Bands and of course our Biases/ Bias Wreckers* and the dedicated fans names (which are sometimes funny, odd or outright weird), so read on to see who we like and why…

So we will list the bands, Boys first, then the Girls, we don’t know any mixed bands (Yet) so we have not listed any.

We will start with the big ones, the ones you’ll probably know if you don’t does your rock have good plumbing?

*A Bias and Bias Wrecker is simply your favourite members in the band. Think of the Spice Girls, who was your favourite? That’s your bias! So you were a Baby Spice, but you also liked Sporty, that’s your Bias Wrecker.

The Boy Bands



What we think: Bob saw BTS on SNL in 2018 and was curious and that’s where it all started! Bob got really into the band a full blown ARMY and tried to get Ash interested, slowly over the next year the pair of us gradually learned more about the band and then everything about them. Ash did struggle to identify each member and name them, it probably took about 6-9months to get them nailed down!

Bob Bias – Jimin

Bias Wrecker – Jungkook

Ash Bias – Jungkook

Bias Wrecker – Suga

Fans – ARMY

Chanbing/Lee Know/ I.N/Hyunjin/Felix/Bang Chan/Han/Seungmin

Stray Kids

What we think: Bob’s newest favourites are just as confusing as BTS were to Ash, but the music is more ‘oomphy’, heavier and more dramatic. Bob is awaiting the latest album in the post as we write this and if anyone wants an I.N Poster in trade for a Hyunjin make a comment!

Bob Bias – Hyunjin/Felix

Bias Wrecker – Chan

Ash Bias – Felix

Bias Wrecker – None

Fans – Strays



What we think – We didn’t really know BtoB before this year’s Kingdom but were impressed with the 4 members performances and Bob likes Lee Minyuk’s look!! For Ash it’s ‘Pennywise’s’ weirdness that is fun to watch.

Bob Bias – Lee Minhyuk

Ash Bias – Penial

Fans – Melody

Kevin, Eric ,Sangyeon, Sunwoo, New, Juhaknyeon ,Juyeon, Hyunjae , Q, Jacob, Hwall

The Boyz

What we think – Another group from this year’s Kingdom and some of the 150 members were quite impressive, especially when mixed up into the mixed groups we really got to see their potential.

Bob Bias – Sunwoo

Ash Bias – I Don’t know them enough to identify one!

Fans – The Fanz

Dawson, Zuho, Hwiyoung, In Seong, Rowoon, Tae-yang, Chani, Youngbin, Jaeyoon.


What we think – Bob knew of them before Kingdom, but wasn’t swayed by them either way really. Ash watched them and liked some of their stuff but is still on the fence about them.

Bob Bias – Hwiyoung

Ash Bias – Again don’t know them well enough to pick.

Fans – Fantasy

G Dragon, T.O.P. Daesung, Seungri, Taeyang

Big Bang

What we think – This is the original K-Pop group from which you can see lots of influence in other groups. Ash doesn’t really like them as predominately they are rap.

Bob Bias – Taehyun / G dragon

Ash Bias – No Bias

Fans – VIP

Huening Kai/Yeonjun/Beomgyu/Soobin/Taehyun

TXT (Tomorrow by Together)

What we think – Another of Bob’s big fav’s and the first that she got a physical CD/Album of. We have watched some of their TV show, but as usual Ash is just confused as to who is who!

Bob Bias Yeonjun / Soobin

Ash Bias – No Bias

Fans – Moments of Alwaysness (MOA)

Key/Tae-min/Min-ho/ Onew or Jonghyun


What we think – We don’t know them too well and we are biased to Taemin mostly from one video and his style!

Bob Bias – Taemin

Ash Bias – Taemin

Fans – Shawols



What we think – Another of Bob’s favourites, Ash liked one song, but got bored of them rather quickly.

Bob Bias Hongjoong

Ash Bias Jongho

Fans – ATINY



What we think – Bobbbbbbbie! To be honest the songs we have heard are incredibly catchy but the rest of the albums seem to be a bit samey samey

Bob Bias – Bobby

Ash Bias – Bobby


Jay, Jake, Heesung, Jungwon, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Nikki


What we think – Fairly new as far as groups go but Bob is really liking the sound

Bob Bias- Never really looked No Bias

Ash Bias – No idea? No Bias

Fans – Engene

Jinyoung/Yugyeom/Mark Tang/Jay-B/Jackson/Young-Jae/Bam-Bam


What we think – GOT7 Broke up early this year after a few pretty decent singles but like iKON they are a 1 track per album.

Bob Bias – Yugyeom

Ash Bias – No Bias

Fans – IGot7



What we think – We really like the fact this group don’t take themselves to seriously but also have some pretty decent dance tracks.

Bob Bias – Jinu

Ash Bias – No Bias

Fans – InnerCircle

Girl Groups



What we think – The Biggest Girl group and one for once that Ash is the bigger fan of! Great tunes and absolutely stunning members, why would you not like them?

Bob Bias – Rose

Bias Wrecker – Jenny

Ash Bias – LaLisa

Bias Wrecker – Rose

Fans – Blinks

Seulgi, Yeri, Irene, Joy, Wendy

Red Velvet

What we think – We mostly got into Red Velvet via Joy’s acting in The Liar and his Lover and Seducer and then to the band, but now they are back with Queendom we can count ourselves ReVeLuv’s (Well Ash more so!)

Bob Bias – Joy/Irene

Ash Bias – Park Soo Young (Joy)

Fans – ReVeluv



What we think – Did you know Itzy have TikTok, we do because we get every video they make on our FYP and they are random and bonkers and Yeji is Hyungin’s sister and Ruijyn looks like Rose so Bob’s Bias is set there!

Bob Bias – Yeji/Ruijyn

Ash Bias – Lia/Chaeryoung

Fans – Mitzy



What we think – These are as alternative as you get in K-Pop, their music is more unique and constantly changing genre plus the members have style.

Bob Bias – Wheein

Bias Wrecker – Solar

Ash Bias – Moonbyul

Fans – MooMoos (Little Radishes)



What we think: the first band Ash really got to know well, a bias to Tzuyu (and her Archery skills) and then a realisation that actually Momo could be the prettier one. The music is iconic K-Pop, really catchy and really fun.

Bob Bias – Chaeyoung and Nayeon

Ash Bias – Momo and Tzuyu

Fans – Once



What we think – As a fairly new group theres not a lot of music but its fairly simple fun pop.

Bob Bias – Jane

Ash Bias – JooE 

Fans – Merry-Go-Round

Kyulkyung, Roa, Yehana ,Rena, Xiyeon, Sungyeon, NaYoung, Eunwoo ,Kyla ,Yuha


What we think – Like Red Velvet, we found Pristin because of NaYoung when she was in Imitation, she’s pretty and we looked her up and found Pristin. They are disbanded now and its a shame.

Bob Bias – Lim NaYoung

Ash Bias – Lim NaYoung

Fans – High

Chaein, Na Goeun, Yuki, Ireh, Dosie, Swan, Park Jieun

Purple K!ss

What we think – We like PK for their different sound and good videos and it’s great to see Swan (a plus size artist) who is beautiful and also slightly bonkers!

Bob Bias – Swan

Ash Bias – Swan/Yuki

Fans – Plory

Jiyoon, Zoa, Jaehee, Soojin, Monday, Jihan


What we think – New with a cute refreshing sound, there music is all over TikTok.

Bob Bias – Zoa

Ash Bias – Monday

Fans – Daileee

Yuuri, Eseo, Taeryeong, Jian


What we think – More on the clubby side of pop for this new group, literally they have 3 tracks.

Bob Bias -Jian

Ash Bias – Eseo

Fans – Heedal

Vivi, Yves , Kimlip , Jinsoul , Yeojin, Olivia Hye ,Hasent , Gowon, ,Choeery, Himjin, Chuu


What we think – We couldn’t find anything on this group at first but we really like it

Bob Bias –  JinSoul

Ash Bias – JinSoul/KimLip

Fans – Orbit (오빛)

Soojin, Miyeon ,Soyeon, Yuqi, Shuhua ,Minnie


What we think – This group have a number of really catchy songs which get stuck in your head.

Bob Bias – Park Soojin

Ash Bias – Shuhua

Fans – Neverland

Gyuri,Saerom,Hayoung,Seoyeon, Chaeyoung, Jiwon, Z, Jiheon, Nagyung, Jisun


What we think – Easy to listen to and cute concepts – we just literally sat and watched a whole bunch of videos just to work out who is who.

Bob Bias –  Jiwon

Ash Bias – Chaeyoung

Bias Wrecker – Jisun

Fans – Flover

Aisha, E:U, Mia, Yiren, Onda, Sihyeon


What we think – The more alternative/music orientated group – slightly rockier with darker concepts.

Bob Bias – Aisha

Ash Bias – E:U

Fans – Forever

Dami, Siyeon, Sua ,Yoohyeon, Jiu, Handong,Gahyeon


What we think – Dreamcatcher were probably the first rookie group that we took notice of, their videos are more emo.

Bob Bias – No bias

Ash Bias – No bias

Fans – InSomnia

Giselle, Winter, Karina, NingNing


What we think: We don’t actually like the music, which is a shame because some of the members are really pretty and we’d happily watch them perform, if only the songs were up to the same standard.

Bob Bias – No bias

Ash Bias – Winter

Fans – My

Jiho, Seunghee, Binnie, Hyojung, YooA, Arin, Mimi

Oh My Girl

What we think – Cutesy Pop

Bob Bias – No Bias

Ash Bias – No Bias

Fans – Miracle


Pink Fantasy

What we Think: Yes that is a bunny! These are new, like new, new, so they only have 2 songs, but they are rockier and a good sound that got our attention straight away and they have a masked member, it’s like Slipknot meets KPop = SliKPOPnt?!

Bob’s Bias – Momoka

Ash’s Bias – SeeA

Fans – LUVIT

Eunha, SinB, Umji


What we think – The last 3 members of GFriend reformed this year into Viviz and Bop Bop is a really catchy tune.

Bob Bias – No Bias

Ash Bias – Eunha

Fans – Na.V

Well there we go a bit of an epic post but a worthwhile list but now you know (and us too).

So who are your bias’s? And any we missed? We know of a lot that we didn’t include but they are groups we don’t have/like.

Well that’s us for this week.

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