Well it’s been a few weeks since our last coffee shop review post and we have been around and in search of good coffee.

Here are our latest finds.

The MudChute Farm Kitchen

We went to the farm on The Isle of Dogs the first week but it was pouring with rain and everything was shut, so on return the following week, when it was sunny, the place was packed with screaming kids who didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘No’ as they filled the restaurant and screamed ‘I want more…’, it was like a Upper-Middle Class rendition of Oliver.

The queue wasn’t that long (maybe 7-8 people ahead of us), but it took 25mins to get served. Because there are 5 members of staff but only one making coffee, one doing Ice Cream and 3 clearing tables and serving plates of chips. We did contemplate giving up at about 15mins, but we were only 2 from the front of us, so we held on.

But it gave us time admire the decor, a lot of work has gone into the mural, the paintings of sheep and some random objects on the overhead shelves.

E-vent-u-a-l-ly we got to the counter and ordered a Soya Mocha and a Black Americano, which were served almost immediately and with a friendly smile too. We took our drinks and ran out of there, the noise is too much to stay there and we were there to see the animals and so we headed out.

The coffee was good, the Mocha was strong but chocolatey, the Americano (with a couple of ice cubes to cool it down) was good too and maybe worth the wait (we aren’t sure about that!)

So if you do head to the farm we recommend going on a rainy day and get there early if you want coffee!

Coco Di Mama EC3M

We went all the way to Surrey Quays the other day and found nowhere to get a good coffee. There was one ‘Artisan Deli’ that’s always code for ‘Really small, burnt coffee with a lot of foam’.

So instead we headed back towards London Bridge and found Coco Di Mama, a take-away pasta restaurant along Eastcheap. Having tried coffee from all the other Eateries in the area we decided to try here.

The staff are really helpful and nice and we ordered 2x Soya Mochas. The drinks were with us in moments, it proves you can make a coffee in under 15minutes! We took our drinks and went and sat by the river looking at the Tower.

The coffee was really nice, definitely one for the ‘Will be Back’ section of our Coffee Shop Map.

Badiani Gelato, Camden Passage, N1

You won’t miss this new Galato Shop in Islington’s Camden Passage with its pink exterior – IT”S ALL PINK and the inside is, well Pink.

We headed inside and ordered the usual 2xMochas, figuring the chocolate should be good in there. The Barista was helpful and happy, even though she just dealt with an incredibly rude French man, before us. While she made our drinks we looked at all the ice-creams on other.

The order was fast and a decent size. But it was just bland and bitter and not at all sweet, we had to go get a lot of sugar to compensate. We won’t be going back for coffee, ice-cream – maybe!

Well there we go it’s a smaller selection of shops this time round, but we will keep looking out for more coffee shops to tell you about next time. So come back for that and other posts about stuff we have found to do in London as well as other things that interest us!

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