Take Stock

I was recently sent Kallø Organic Very Low Salt 6 Vegetable Stock Cubes as part of a free sample program to review so without further ado what did we think?

As you will know if you have been reading this blog for any time I (Bob) am vegetarian/vegan and as you have probably noticed I also have a ton of allergies therefore I have to be quite careful in regards to what I consume.

I was recently given the opportunity to try Kallø’s Organic Very Low Salt 6 Vegetable Stock Cubes by Bzz.

I’m always looking for healthier versions of products I would normally use and with the amount of salt that I consume – Low salt would probably be a step in the right direction.

Plus they are of course Gluton and Dairy Free, well they should be, why would you need dairy in Gravy?!

Immediately you open the packet you are met with a shocking green/yellow square and well spiced aromatic smells honestly it smells delicious!

Now, you’ll probably know how to use a Stock Cube, but for the culinarily challenged;

You take one cube out of the green foil and add it to 500ml of boiling water and stir until all it fully dissolves..

The cubes have a rich taste, full of vegetables and some spices, I actually wouldn’t have noticed that there was less salt.

They dissolved quickly and went well with our dishes.

The first time of using it we used it as the stock base for Tteokbokki so its a little hard to tell exactly what it would taste like on its own but as far as I am concerned they were yummy. We have also used it with a Sunday Dinner and it tasted just like a normal gravy/stock.

The only downside is that since being sent the sample, I’ve not seen it stocked (pun!) in any shops, but that may be as its new.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Short and sweet but there you have it an honest review of Kallø Organic Very Low Salt 6 Veg cubes.

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