Pretty Sparkles everywhere

One thing we have as a Tradition every year at Christmas is to go and see the new Christmas Lights, this year we have been all around in search of pretty sparkles, here’s what we found.

A few weeks back we told you about the Seven Dials Winter Festival and the street lights, that were a bit of a disappointment, well that was the first location we went in search of the fairy lights of London and as we said, though the were pretty, they weren’t anything special, we want something to go ‘OOO WOW!’ at.

The Tree in Covent Garden was magnificent as ever, but the crowd that flooded the area seemed more than a little stupid for 1 minute of silly fake snow pumping from the wall. The advertised ‘New Christmas Decorations” were the same giant baubles that they have been for the past couple of years, so even though they were impressive before this time seemed a bit of a let down and falsely advertised.

Then last week we went to the West End and did the usual circuit, Oxford St, Bond St, Piccadilly and Regents Street, all of which were much the same as last year.

Oxford St has thankfully got rid of the stupid LED screens broadcasting a love of NHS Workers – cos that’s so christmasy! (sarcasm) Instead focusing on hanging stars which is more festive.

Regent’s Street was the same as usual – Yes its pretty and nice to look at but it would be nice to have a change once in a while.

Carnaby street – Now this was new – maybe not seasonal but pretty nevertheless. Bright colored butterflies, choose love, rainbows (the gay kind not the stupid NHS crap)

Then the rainbow baubles and pink lights down the side roads.

St. Christopher’s Place was dubbed ‘Amazing’ ‘Spectacular’ in the press but this is what reality looked like, a few lit up largish baubles – that was it.

Bond Street New and Old was the same idea but a little sparsely spread out and none of the shops in New Bond Street seemed particularly festive. The overhead Feathers and Crown are impressive but the same as usual.

Some of the shops in Old Bond St were good, Chanel’s giant No5 bottle projected on the building, though it wasn’t terribly festive, but it was pretty and had something about it. It was one of the most decorated streets and varied too.

Tiffanys was by far Bobs favorite shop with its illuminated night/cloud scape.

South Molton Street – This was the best decorations of the year, all one pretty color, all themed, most importantly new! Really there is no complaints. Starry arches with blue lit Christmas trees at either end. (Tip – if you want to take a picture go to the lower tree – theres less people)

Burlington Arcade is sponsored by James Bond – not sure why this is festive since James Bond was out in November – but it wasn’t terrible.

Piccadilly Arcade was the same as before with a few little changes here and there.

Fortnum and Mason had the same decorations as last year, transforming there store into an advent calendar, there was one minor change a zero was changed to a one.

Then this week we sought out the South Bank and the ‘Winter Lights festival’

Once again advertised as beautifully lit, amazing decorations and even an animal themed light extravaganza. Once again we wandered up and down the South Bank and found.

The illuminated bridges ?

5 Trees lit up – We kid you not – only 5!

There was the winter market – which did have a few mice – if that was the animal extravagance you wanted? Other than that there was over priced mulled wine and fish and chips but not a lot else.

A few cars with lights inside – because…. well if you can explain why then do let us know.

So all in all another London Let down!

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