You’re who?

So we started Climbing Moss as a bit of fun and to share our thoughts and ideas, our likes and dislikes and over the last 6 years it has grown and changed quite a bit, looking back on the old posts we have had some major changes and have revealed a lot about ourselves. but it’s still a little covert…

When we started Climbing moss we wanted to do it a little anonymously because we have what we call an ‘idiot’ an individual or maybe more than one person (we don’t know), that is intent on trying to ruin our lives, this still unknown person(s) is able to hack on to our emails, websites and social media, as well as our phone lines and interfere in it all, they eavesdrop on every part of our lives, worse than the Facebook algorithm. We have no idea who they are or why they are doing it and have continued to do so for the last 15 years.

Yep 15 years, non-stop, 15 years of them farting and laughing, scrunching paper and rubbing balloons over phone calls, hacking our websites (including this, hence some posts are garbled or outrightly messed up). We have contacted the police and stalking helplines and they are stumped, not only in how this person is doing all this but more importantly why and why keep going for soo long, Surely no one can hold a grudge for that long without saying something, for this idiot doesn’t speak, they have never once told us why they hate us or what we did to piss them off.

So with that in mind we wanted to start this blog but we wanted some space, some peace and quiet, to do something without the hassle of being interfered with. Hence Climbing Moss was born, we introduced ourselves under nicknames – Ash & Bob. Since then we have remained partially hidden behind the monikers. We have not shown ourselves in the photos, with exception to an occasional hand holding a coffee cup or a random body at the side of the shot.

That being said the period of relief from interference didn’t last long at all (probably about 3months).

So instead of hiding we wanted to share some of our other endeavours but in order to do that we need to reveal ourselves. Not to mention we have been recognised occasionally at coffee shops or climbing walls that we have reviewed and then revisited and we also want to announce ourselves in order to claim our blog as our own.

So with that in mind…

Hi! Let’s start off 2022 with an introduction and a few additions to our pool of activities and pastimes.

We are going keep to the Ash and Bob Non De Plumes, for consistences of the history of the blog and because as writers of Climbing Moss we think of ourselves as Ash & Bob.

But should you want to see us elsewhere our identities may prove to be a little different. Think of this as our Clark Kent’s working at the Daily Planet

and the other stuff as our Superman forms, having shed the glasses and standing proud with our pants over our tights!

Hey there i’m Nic aka Ash – Ash is the colour my hair has been since i was about 16!

Hi! I’m Tora – Bob has always been a name i’ve used it’s short, sweet and non-gendered.

So that’s it really, the big reveal, maybe not a big shock, but it means that we can show you stuff and not be afraid of being in shot or being identified.

This could be a negative if we really hate a climbing wall or coffee shop, but still find ourselves back there and the staff recognise us, but then we are never going back to Tina We Salute You or to the coffee shop in The Reach Climbing Wall, or VauxWall, even with a gun to our heads! so we’re probably safe there!

But from now on if you see us around and you don’t want to kill us, say Hi! and hopefully we can grow Climbing Moss some more and we can link this blog to our other projects too, like YouTube videos or more social media!

We will still use our little drawings of ourselves in the about etc but the updated ones.

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