It’s Supposed to be Coffee!

Once again it is time for coffee reviews! Some were bad, I mean really really really BAD! Some were really good! Really really good! So without further ado….

Saint Espresso (Angel)

We had noticed this little shop had popped up the other day and decided we would go and grab a drink. We took one look at the size of the cups, No alternative milk and the fact the staff didn’t seem to be particularly welcoming and decided that we could do without.

Rating: 0 out of 5.

Simit Sarayi (Harringay)

Whilst in Harringay the other day we were looking for a new coffee shop so we explored a little further down from our usual spot. We stumbled upon Simit Sarayi , we entered a huge white open shop with plenty of seating (The only reason for the half star). We ordered our usual – Soya Mocha and a Black Americano and we waited….and waited…..and waited….. about 15 Minutes later our Coffees arrived. We took one sip and wished we were drinking bleach instead – the coffee was foul. It tasted something akin to burnt butter with a hint of charred tyre. It was so abysmal we had to flee just to be able to go and find something to get the god forsaken taste out of our mouths.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.



After hearing people rave about how good McDonalds coffee was we went to go and try. We walked in a rather packed shop and tried to order from one of the electric booth things. There was no soya milk or alternative milks at all. Upon asking we were almost shooed out so who knows. You can always get black and buy/bring your own milk.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

supposed to be good but no alternative milk

215 Hackney

After walking up and down the horrible road of Stoke Newington High Street we settled on this little coffee shop. Although from the outside it looked shut it was very much open, all the member of staff was eager to help and really friendly. We got One Soya Mocha and One Black Americano and went on our way. The Soya Mocha although nice was sickly sweet and was unfinishable. On the other side of the scale the Americano was ridiculously sour and bitter and was hard to drink. In the end neither of us finished the drink.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Mary Ward

On a miserable day filled with rain and clouds, Bob sought shelter in the Mary Ward cafe and she was so glad she did! This cafe is a little confusing you enter a large ornate door and wind and weave your way through about 6 or 7 other doors. There is no markings just the smell of coffee and food and the loud chatter of the clientele. Once in the room itself there is a lot of seating, a large blackboard on a wall with all the food and drink options and a small deli style counter to order from. I looked at the food which was all vegan/vegetarian but instead stuck with my usual of Black Americano. The coffee was amazing! It didn’t need sugar it was perfect just the way it was.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Jam In A Jar

Another day in Harringay and another search for a Coffee shop that wasn’t the usual and wasn’t poison. We saw Jam In A Jar and went in. A cool hangout bar/coffee joint with a lot of seating, tables with an eclectic decor. In the evening there seems to be live music and a more musical vibe. The staff were really friendly too. We took a seat and ordered the usual however the staff stated they didn’t have Soya but could go and get some (wow!) or alternatively they did have Oat. They are arrived really quickly. The Oat Mocha was delicious! One of the best we have tasted! The perfect amount of coffee and chocolate. The Americano was equally as yum! We will 100% be returning!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So there you go another coffee shop round up. Stay tuned for more.

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