Wicca Moon

Eltham is not all Art Deco Palaces and picturesque roads, it’s mostly a shabby 1970’s throw-back High Street, with rude school kids and people who stare at you. But while taking a break from the Capital Ring Walk through this part of London the other week (in search of Coffee, of course). We did discover one gem, filled with gems in this strange part of South London.

Having detoured off the marked path of The Capital Ring Section 2 we took some time to seek out a shop, Wicca Moon and boy are we glad we did.

While checking the route prior to under taking the next section of the walk on Google Maps, we noticed Wicca Moon Crystal Shop and so as we were nearby we turned off the high street with its Wimpy Bar, Charity Shops and dodgy electronics shops and walked for a couple hundred metres along Well Hall Rd. We had the dog with us so we weren’t even sure if we would be welcomed, but upon asking the two ladies welcomed us in gladly and we discovered one of those little magical shops – in many ways.

Wicca Moon is a treasure trove of crystals, tarot cards, prayer bowls and everything you would expect from a (for lack of a better word) New Age Shop. Now the thing with these ‘Mystic shops’ is you always get the feeling of ‘If you need to ask, then you’re in the wrong place’. But from the moment we entered the ladies were there to help as well as talk to the dog – actually asking how old she was and where she had been today – not us, the dog! She’s pretty shy and didn’t speak up, so we answered on her behalf.

Then we asked about some crystals, feeling encouraged and a question about which stone is good for this ailment and what for that, got a unanimous (well two voices) response and a quick shuffle out from behind the counter to show us and also not just to the trays of small crystals, but to the shelf and some pre-owned and cleansed versions too, meaning we got a nice, bigger stone, for less than we would expect to pay. In fact there were a number of ‘pre-owned’ items available, all cleansed Cards and ornaments, necklaces and more. and purified of their previous owners ready for new users.

In addition to the shop goods they offer services, readings, healing therapies and Workshops, from Reiki to Meditation, but we stuck to the crystals and went to pay for our selection, including a few picks from the bucket as well as one of the nice size Selenite wands, (we have not managed to find any over 5cm on Etsy or elsewhere). Our purchases were wrapped and a free pack of incense was slipped in too.

It’s these little touches that make a place memorable and somewhere we must return to, if only it wasn’t at the backend of far, far away!

Oh and they even recommended the only decent coffee shop in Eltham too!

Well there we go another magical find and something a bit different from coffee shop reviews and one to try if you find yourself in deepest, darkest Eltham!

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