Bob’s ‘Vvardis’ Whitening Collection – A Review

I recently got to try the VVardis Whitening Collection – This product was sent to me for free in return for a honest review – so without further ado….

I am nuts about cleanliness especially when it comes to your mouth and teeth. You will not catch me missing a brush – 3 mins every morning and every night – without fail!

But what I have found is in the UK there is very little choice in toothpaste – nothing truly cleans, it tastes horrendous (I mean who needs peanut butter toothpaste?) there is very little in the way of oral health being important. Hence the stereotype of British people having bad teeth.

Since Covid there has not even been availability at the Dentist – so gone are the days of check ups, cleans and any kind of care. This has meant that many people are finding their own ways to Brighten/whiten their teeth often whilst destroying the enamel (Think pure peroxide on teeth for 10 mins – the viral trend that happened last year) Sure it might whiten your teeth but how long will you have them for?

So in my attempts to find a good toothpaste I noticed that vVardis was offering a sample of their Whitening Collection.

The Swiss company states that their technology both eliminates tooth decay and promotes whitening without any damage or sensitivity. They even promise that Veneers will see the brightening/whitening effects.

In the box there is

The toothpaste has quite a thick consistency with hardly any taste – I do feel like my teeth are completely clean after use – sadly after two weeks of use there is no noticeable whitening despite claims of 10 shades whiter.

The toothbrush wasn’t anything special – I used it for the two weeks but will go back to my normal electric brush.

The mouthwash was ok – if anything I found it a little too strong almost burning.

Then came the brush on Gel – A tiny glass bottle with a small amount of product. You clean your teeth and then dry your teeth a little – put the gel on your teeth and leave for a minimum of 30 mins or overnight. Again this promises up to 10 shades whiter – however there has been no change in color but my gums have become very sensitive and even a little bloody.

After trying the product the brand has given me a discount for anyone who wants to try for themselves so for 15% off just enter the promo – NANOUK

Overall I think I will continue with the toothpaste alone, until it runs out but I will not be purchasing anymore as I think £157.00 for the set or £25 or so for a single item, as it is far too expensive! Plus with the sensitive gums that I now have I will need to do some repairing. I will continue my hunt for an alternative whitening option so stay tuned……

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