The London King’s Cross “Vegan Market”

Last weekend The King’s Cross Canopy Market held a Vegan Market and it looked like a good event for Climbing Moss to visit and tell you about. So here is what we found.

We have visited the Canopy Market’s events before like the London Christmas Beer Festival and we discovered the incredible lack of beers at a beer festival. This time round we discovered that clearly people think that Vegan means Pork Burgers instead of Beef and of course a whole stall of Oysters, not some kind of fake oyster but real River Teign bi-valves.

Yes once again the market didn’t disappoint, hold on, no! Once again the market disappointed to the max.

There was not one stall that was purely vegan, there were a couple of options that were non meat/non-dairy, but that was it.

The cheese stand had 90 types of cheese but nothing vegan, one of the street food kiosks had veggie curries – but it was filled with squash. The only fully vegan stall in the whole thing was a Chai Tea stall – that was it!

Out of a dozen food stalls non were vegan and the rest of the market was as usual a mix of expensive candles (£25 for one) Art (drawn by a 7 year old) and Jewellery for (£45 for stud earrings) and the beer stand which was predominantly Lager.

So one again if Time Out advertise something – see our expectations vs reality post (don’t bother)

In the end we cut our losses and grabbed a beer and sat on the canal enjoying the sun in London while the masses sat and watched the large screen tennis tournament at Wimbledon.

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