Meat Liquor

As you know we like beer and we occasionally like to go out and eat – but we have dietary restrictions and allergies so finding the right place can be a struggle. Last weekend we went out and found Meat Liquor …

We have been past Meat Liquor many a time and noticed the A-board on the roadside advertising a free burger is your name is …(normally with some strange name) Such as “Anaconda” or “Luethiline” or even “Surveyor” (Which oddly enough we have heard as a name?)

Down a side alley off of Upper Street N1 – Either side of Sweaty Betty and The Italian Restaurant -La Divina – which has been there forever. There is a slightly dark alley – after many years of passing by seeing a car mechanics nestled in that alley at the back it has now transformed into a Bar/Restaurant.

Upon entering you will see some of the strangest collection of Artworks, signage and random sculptures for lack of a better word all eclectic but somehow fits with the feel.

The whole room is lit with a low red light and your ears are flooded with loud random rock music – there was truly some random songs.

There is a main area for seating – think long benches with wooden tables, in the middle there are some tables for two or four, and along the furthest edge there are some booths for some groups – and a little back room for more privacy. There was an upstairs with more seating but it wasn’t open for public as of yet.

At either end of this room is a Bar with a giant Gherkin with cowboy boots on top (I kid you not) and the opposite end is The Kitchen with an equally weird giant Hotdog.

Part of the draw for this choice was that Tiny Rebel had done a takeover of the bar – which sadly turned out to be only one beer (which had almost all of the lactose in the world in it) So I had to turn to the Pale Ale (House) Which wasn’t bad in the grand scheme of things.

The quirky thing we found was each table had kitchen rolls for the greasy fingers to come!

Now onto the food – they have a very clear menu – Green = Veggie and Black = Meat and P= Plant based (So vegan).

There was actually some choices and not just Burgers, there was Chilli, Fries and Chicken Nuggets (V or Normal)

We went for the 1924 Burger and the Garlic Shroom with Buffalo fries and Hippy fries. We were with some others but we will limit it to our experience.

After a little while the tray turned up, thankfully spaced out the meat on one side and the veggie on the other.

We did see a number of other people who had ordered meat and veggie and weren’t so lucky but they didn’t seem to care so I guess thats ok.

Now the Buffalo Fries were delicious! Bob is in love with that Buffalo hot sauce (and would really love to buy it in the gallons please!) If anyone knows the recipe please tell us! The Hippies were ok just paled in comparison – Bob loved the pickles but grew bored of the creamy sauce but Ash was the other way. The Shroom burger was pretty good just a little too much with the mayo and next time will be asking for the hot sauce!

The 1924 Burger was really good – Ash says – You just have to make sure how well done you ask for.

Overall the service was really quick and the whole place felt easy.

So if you are ever out or looking for a burger for delivery maybe try here?

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