CMHoL3 – Two walks for One!

The other week we shared our new adventure and told you why there is a new page to this blog – The Climbing Moss Heart of London Walk. Then we told you about Sections 1 & a couple of weeks back Section 2, well guess what we are talking about this week?! Yes you guessed it, it’s time for Section 3 and an interesting one at that…

Section 3 of the #CMHoL is The Walthamstow Section basically. Starting at The Princess of Wales Pub and heading East through Walthamstow to Wood Street with one noticeable oddity – that is that we give you two options of the route. Either through The Walthamstow Wetlands or Around – both with their own quirks and Points of Interest.

So without further ado, let’s get walking – oh and just a reminder, should you feel the urge to follow in our footsteps then head over to the CMHoL Page and download the PDF of the section, so that you know where to go and what to look out for.

Section 3 starts as Section 2 finished at The Princess of Wales Pub. Start opposite the pub on the bridge over the River Lea and head East along the main road, passing the Lea Valley Ice Rink. Then turn into the marshes, after a series of turns cross the main walkway north and instead pass through the Lea Valley Riding Centre. Follow the Black Path for a quieter walk and better view of the horses.

After a few hundred metres you will come to a bridge over the River Lea Relief Channel, don’t take it, instead continue on until you rejoin the pedestrianised road, under the railway line and up the other side and continue on until you reach Coppermill Fields. Go round this field via the path and eventually you will come to the Car Park. In spring/summer the Ice Cream Truck sells a decent coffee!

To the left of the Car Park is a rather low bridge, again don’t take it, instead turn right and head to the entrance of the Walthamstow Wetlands.

Now this is where you have the choice, if you are being led by a dog, you will need to go around, but otherwise the choice is yours.

Through the wetlands will give you a mass of lakes, birds, ducks and other wildlife and end with a great coffee at The Larder – any route through can be taken, our suggestion is shown on the map. After coffee leave via the car park and turn right on Forest Road (or left for Tottenham Hale station if this is all too much for you!) And walk to Blackhorse Road Station.

Alternatively follow the Coppermill Road east until you cross the Dagenham Brook, until you pass a Playground and turn left into Edward Rd. This residential street offers a couple of interesting sights, namely a restored old pub and a giant head, take our word for it or go see for yourself! Follow the roads around until you join your other selves at Blackhorse Road Station and continue east along the main road.

After a long walk you will get to Lloyd Park, the William Morris Museum and another Branch of The Larder Coffee Shop – this isn’t as good as the original in the Wetlands, but it’s still ok! A detour around the park is recommended before continuing on along the main road until you reach the junction.

Take the steep Howard Road and weave around the streets until you get to St. Mary’s Church, The not so ancient house and the gentrified Orford Road where more decent coffee or beers and down the road to God’s Own Junkyard.

Finally walk along Barrett Road to your final destination of Wood Street Station

Well there we go another section down – come back next time for more walking and sights this time with more wildlife!

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