CMHoL Section 4

We are back to our new walk and this time Wood St E17 to Buckhurst Hill. Here is what we found and what you can expect if you join the #CMHoL…

We start where we left off last time – outside Wood Street Station and after acquiring coffee from Rebel we set off along Upper Walthamstow Road towards Epping Forest.

Once into the Rising Sun Woods we started north past ponds and what is becoming a requirement of this walk – allotments!

We kept walking and crossed A503 and headed for a feature that shows up on maps, the Doughnut. We were eager to see this magnificent spectacle of something and feasted our eyes on…..

So after gazing upon this large flat open dead grass void we moved on – through the woods and crossing over another bridge (the north circular) After a while you come to the next Photo Op/Point of Interest.

The Gypsy Stone

A Lump of rock laid here to commemorate Rodney “Gipsy” Smith who was well known for being an uneducated preacher (no offence)

After that we meandered through the forest in the vague direction of where we needed to head – there was and is no set route as there is multiple to choose from. We eventually surfaced at Oak Hill and crossed to reach Higham Park Boating Lake where there is plenty of nature and wildlife to photograph and tag on social medial #cmhol.

Make your way around the lake seeing all the wonderful rat companions you can make. There is a cafe not a café to the side of the lake called Humphrey’s – but it was packed with children and we didn’t fancy froth in a cup so we carried on.

Heading north we continued back into the forest after seeing Bob’s very first Wagtail! You continue through the trees and keep walking following the river Ching – Hence Chingford until you reach Whitehall Road.

This is where if you are feeling energetic you can walk across Whitehall Plains and get to the next section.

However we instead walked around the plains and headed across Whitehall Lane until we got to the High Road and down Queens Road till we got to Buckhurst Station.

Here ends Section 4 of the Climbing-Moss Heart of London Walk.

Remember to post your photos on Social Media with the Hashtag #CMHoL so we can see them!

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