CMHoL Section 5

We return to our walk this time from Buckhurst Hill to Debden Station one of the longer sections to our walk.

We started at Buckhurst Hill Station and walked back towards Epping Forest (A bit of backtrack but we needed to do it) In walking this we realized why this area is called Buckhurst Hill as it is rather steep.

We finally arrived at the Cricket Pitches which you can either go across or round to find the path in through the woods to emerge opposite Connaught Water.

A large lake with a large selection of ducks and mammals in and around it – so perfect for photographs hence the first Photo op of the section.

Walk round to the left – the long way – and back into the forest.

A couple of hundred metres north is Grimston’s Oak, this is just another tree in a forest of trees, there is nothing remarkable about it, except there is a fence around it. Instead keep walking along the forest. Enjoying nature. When you eventually end up at the junction there is a a rather large stack of felled trees and lots more photo ops.

Continue walking along this track on the right after a small brook there is a large Iron Age Fort (Although in reality its just a hill with some trees etc) Bob now believes that all bumps large enough to stand on in the ground are Forts.

At the end of the long track where the path meets a road there is a car park and a small kiosk – This is the Original Tea Hut – A meeting place for all and has been there since the 50s’ (its more of a foamy cafe sort of place so we skipped sampling)

Across the road and back into the woods towards Shelley’s Hill and a very undulating path (so be careful) Cross Epping High Road when you can and continue into the next section of woods. Where you will find the Loughton Camp another Iron Age encampment which in the 1750’s became the hideout for Dick Turpin and his gang. The path gets vague here so you may need to rely on a compass or the like.

After a bit more walking you will find yourself at Baldwins Pond – A pretty little water area covered in reeds, lily pads and such. Here is another photo op before you head around it, up a steep hill towards the Forester’s Arms pub. It’s not worth the stop so instead keep walking along Stony Path.

Follow the little road, past the potato fields and turn right at the end onto
Golding’s Hill, then left onto Rectory Lane.

Here is where we learnt that we should have utilized public transport as we walked over a mile of the busy road where there is absolutely nothing worth seeing so get the bus and thank us later.

Then you reach Debden Station where this section ends.

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