Café Au What?

It’s another roundup of Coffee Shops from around London…

We have found more indipendant coffee Shops from around the Capital, while on the #CMHoL and while out and about, such as…

Trent Park Cafe

It’s a lot like a cafe, a lot of bags of crisps for sale and a distinct smell of chips in the air.

The most noticeable thing though was Ellie, the Barista, who was about 13 or 14 years old, but despite her age wow she worked quick, from order to delivery was less than a minute and with a dedicated Oat Milk Tanker she was efficient too.

It’s almost a shame to say the coffees were just ok and not great. So a rating of (1 star for the barista the rest for the coffee)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Dusty Knuckle Bakery N4

We keep trying to go into this bakery/coffee shop, but it closes at 1pm, but on Easter Monday it was still open at 2.45pm when we passed, so we took our chance. The place is busy and a little chaotic and very trendy, you know staff and customers were all expecting a flood, evident by their trousers being rolled up with no socks, or wearing Crocs or Berkenstocks and a number of failed auditioners for a 118-118 commercial with fro’d mullets and a porno moustache.

But after some confusion over how to order, we finally received our Americano and Mocha – it is odd that every time they assume Ash is the Black Americano and Bob the Mocha, it’s the other way around!

The glasses of coffee were small, like the things you get a sample of beer in in a craft beer pub and it needed a sugar to kill the bitterness of the coffee, but it wasn’t bad and we would go there again, if it is ever open again.

The highlight though was the free bread! It was shutting as soon as we got in there and the bill handed to us with a 10 minute warning, but the server then informed us to ‘take some bread when you go’. This confused us but after clarifying we were indeed asked to take a free loaf and a couple of Pain au Chocolates as they would get thrown away. We left with two Sough-dough loafs in the end.

This definitely gave TDKB an extra star on the rating!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Patisserie Joie De Vie – High Barnet

This wasn’t the café we were aiming for, that seems to have shut down and this opened on the other corner. Inside is large and seems popular for lunches.

The Barista was an idiot, he could not get the order right, he tried to make the Oat Mocha with Dairy Milk and then fob it off as Oat, but when pressed he claimed he misheard, even after saying otherwise.

The female server seemed to be the boss and she was chatty and nice, maybe they just need to hire a better barista!

The coffee’s were ok at best.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

En-Food – Enfield Library

This didn’t look too bad, but it’s kind of squashed in the corner of the library.

The barista was a little over run when we ordered, it’s clearly a busy place, all seats inside were filled and even a few outside, even though it was raining!

But a simple order was delivered quite quickly and drank seemingly as fast!

We might go back if we were ever in Enfield again, but there are probably more choices and the chances of our return are slim!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

La Bottega – Bowes Park

Shit! Seriously this was the worst coffee so far this year and we will be hard pressed to find worse.

Bob – who will never relinquish a caffeine boost no matter how bad it is, took two sips (the 2nd to confirm) and dumped the cup in a bin.

It wasn’t even cheap, over £7 for two tiny, tiny cups of condensed shit!

The Mocha had a flavour of burnt soot, you know the taste in the back of your throat when a bonfire smoke blows in your face!

One additional note, this tiny shop has Jazz Nights where bands play – Where?

As for the coffee, well done possibly the first no star award…

Rating: 0 out of 5.

Island’s – Hornsey

Having nearly thrown up after the last coffee, we sort out somewhere with good reviews and Island’s has the best in the area. The shop is large but mostly empty, a couple of tables but that’s all.

The barista was pleasant and welcoming. He had no oat milk (he apologised for that) so it was a Soya Mocha and an americano, he offered the cold water without having to be asked.

He chatted while making the drinks and still made them quickly. empty shop.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

New York Café – Hampstead

Small café on Heath Street, Hampstead with an up and downstairs seating areas.

The staff were clueless and got confused over a black Americano with a little cold water!

The order took aaaaages to be made.

The coffee was ok, just nothing special.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Well that is a decent amount of shops for you to try or tell us of your opinions and remember to check out the Coffee Shop Map for places all over London to get a coffee (Link to the side).

Come back next time for another post about something different.

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