Coffee Shops In North London Reviews

Coffee Shops

Having reviewed a number of coffee shops around North London, we went on to other things, but have continued visiting numerous cafés around the metropolis.

Now we are back and going to run through the next batch.

Belle Epoque Patisserie [AKA] Fish Salad

Belle Epoque Patisserie
Stuff for sale

HIM: I have been in here once before many years ago, but it left no lasting impression and I have to say the second visit was the same. In the land of the 3 wheel buggy, you are going to get the occasional mother and child, but the back section was filled with a full selection of every type of pram, push chair and buggy available.

We had a Hot Chocolate and a Cappuccino, the Hot Chocolate was warm at best even though I expressly asked for ‘Hot’ and HER Cappuccino was more like the frothy coffee you get in a workman’s cafe and HER salad was VERY expensive and really not good.  


HER: I can honestly say that this establishment was not particularly very welcoming nor friendly.. The staff seemed completely unbothered by a new customer standing right in front of them.
I had a bland frothy mess of a cappuccino and because I was so hungry I caved to the ridiculously expensive (only vegetarian option) on the menu. In hind site I should not have bothered. It was a sun blush tomato, mozzarella salad for £6.90! Oh my god it was so vile! They completely ruined what could have been a decent (if not expensive) salad, with some sort of strange dressing of their own concoction. After a few bites both me and him decided to ask at the counter for fear that it was not vegetarian, we were told it was a mix of soy sauce and vinegar (YUCK!) This made the leafs wilt and just generally left a bad taste in your mouth. We have therefore dubbed this the  Fish Salad Cafe.


Next up is…

Notes in Upper St. Martin’ Lane, (just before Trafalgar Sq)

                                                         Notes Trafalgar Square

                                                                  The Exterior

HIM: We visited Notes at one of the busiest times of the day, but there were still a few tables available, it has a bit of an atmosphere and it decorated in that eclectic style, they sell wine and a selection of salads, sandwiches and cakes as all café do. 
We had a Hot Chocolate and a Mocha and they were ok, the cups/glasses were interesting but they weren’t anything special.
I’d still go back there if I was in the area and had a meeting or something reason, but I’m not going to detour to get there again.

HER:  It was very busy, there also wasn’t a clear indication of food, so I could not choose a sandwich or snack. The coffee was ok although it was warm not hot and the clientele was a bit snooty but all in all it wasn’t bad.

Next up is…

Sawyer Gray on St Paul’s Road, Islington

                                                             Quirky interior
                                                         Lower Floor
                                                         Hot Chocolate
                                                         Little cubby-holes
                                                         The Avocado Toast
                                                         Downstairs Kitchen
                                              Mistletoe (Yes we went around Christmas)

HIM: We kept walking past this one and it seemed to always be busy, so we avoided it simply because we wanted a seat, but when we went in we realized there is a lot more space downstairs and a lot of quirky little ‘Cubby Holes’ in what would have been the aerie under the pavement above.
The Hot Chocolate was ordinary, it was hot, but it was also expensive, around £3.50. The food looked good but for me it also looked expensive.

HER: I loved the downstairs little alcoved rooms, they were so comfy and private. I don’t really remember the coffee, but I do remember the great chilli Avocado Toast, it was delicious! But at £4.90 for one slice it was expensive and I can always do it at home (for cheaper).

And now…


Crêpeaffaire Camden Passage


HIM: It was trying a bit to hard, it didn’t have any atmosphere and it was all for sure. Cooking the Crepes infront of you (all for show) and the coffee was bland. It seems to appeal to the French and Belgium tourists who head there thinking its just like home but I’m sure they find it just as bland and uninspiring. 

HER: I’m not a big sugar fan so sweet things meh! I tried a savory crepe and it was alriiiiggghhht but nothing wow. I’m sure I had coffee but who knows?! The thing I really didn’t like was all the crepes were cooked on the same skillet, Including the meat ones!

HIM: I think I preferred this place when it was a bookstore. Its ok, wooden floors, flakey paint and half interesting paintings on the wall. The drinks were tiny, like shot glasses and not terribly rememberable. 
HER: Every now and then I crave a hot chocolate and this is what I had here. It was small, expensive but delicious! In fact I have been back there a few times just to get more. I can’t really review the food because I haven’t tried it. The atmosphere was busy but closed off and trendy.
HIM: We have not drank in here, but we have seen the prices and the coffee (tiny, tiny cups for big, big money!)
HER: I think we still have to try this at some point.

The Breakfast Club

HIM: This has been here for ages but I have never considered this a coffee shop but a restaurant but never the less we tried it on a Monday afternoon. The coffee was unremarkable, the decor similar but the food was decent portions if a little expensive. 
HER: I was really hungry! The food was expensive and to be honest not really amazing but large portions. I really don’t remember the coffee but I do remember the flies, so so many of them! Lots of posters and random things all over the walls which was interesting.


HIM: Tiny, tiny shot glasses of weak coffee and very expensive food. There was a weird counter where no one seemed to want to serve you. Also people leaving there laptops, mobiles, wallet and bags on the table whilst they went to the bathroom downstairs. 
HER: There was soup, it was every kind of squash humanly possible and Im allergic to squash. It was very organic and I’m not saying organic is bad but it seems in Islington that is an excuse to charge double. I don’t remember the coffee, oh hang on, yeah I do, I actually didn’t finish it! It was that bad. It tasted like tar and ash with a little bit of milk froth.


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