HIS: Daily Regime (Including make-up tips for the girls!)

HIS: Daily Regime (Including make-up tips for the girls!)

We all have our daily regime, whether it’s simply to brush our teeth and throw some water over our face, before leaving the house, or whether it’s make-up, moisturisers, cleanse, tones, polish and the whole works.

So we thought we’d share our daily (and other product choices). First up HIS then HERs.

HIM: Now I used to be a Make-up Artist, so I have a ton of make-up in a huge case. 

That said I don’t use that much of it, but on occasions (not only Halloween) I do!

Toothpaste and water is my ritual. 

For me it is fairly simple…

So let’s start with a bath.
In the bath I add a handful of Bicarbonate of Soda and a handful of Himalayan Bath Crystals. 
These help to soften my skin after all that hard climbing! And help relax tense muscles.

To wash I use only Simple Soap
Hair has to be washed and I’ve used loads of different types but for a while now I’ve been using Tresemmé Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s great value for money and gives great results, all you need really!

Once you’re out of the bath and drying – more a summer thing –  take the Mango Sorbet that you put in the fridge before your bath and apply it to your skin all over, it’s refreshing and invigorating (see a summer thing!)
Now this is a body moisturiser but I do use it on my face as well – well more on my face than body actually! 

 I love Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Tone range,  but generally I can’t afford to be buying them each month. The whole company is great and everything is so well put together, right down to the packaging.
I used to order from them all the time (unfortunately my budget has reduced since and they are more a luxury than a necessity these days) I would phone my order through and talk to the lovely ladies, I’d tell them what I wanted and what I thought of the products, a few days later the package would arrive, with a note from the telephonist saying ‘Here are some samples of other things to try’. Every time, this happened there would be little notes from the person who packed the order too. Then one day I had an allergic reaction to something, so next order I told them. Then during the order they stopped me ordering something, they actually refused to sell me something, because it has Orange Blossom in it and I that was what I had been allergic to.
This is great customer care and though I don’t use (anymore – unfortunately) they do come highly recommended.
I use a Electric Razor and always have done so (A Child of the electronic age, I guess),  I’ve never used a bladed razor (ever!) I’m not a trendy with a full beard, a bit of stubble for the most part. 
But the Philips Cool Shave razor with the moisturising dispenser is great, you pump a little onto the heads and shave. Simple but highly effective and your skin feels smooth for it. 
Having never used a blade, my stubble isn’t as rough as most men but this actually softens the stubble even more.
Next comes After Shave -I don’t wear after shave every day, but when I go out I tend to spray a little Paul Smith, Calvin Klein or Body Shop fragrance.


This is where my make up artist experience comes in.

I have blonde Eye Lashes and if I remember –  I will use Mascara to darken them. I really recommend  Maybelline’s Pink and Green Great Lash Mascara is the best in my opinion, simple and effective.
I’ve been known to wear a little ‘Guy liner’ and when I do it is this, the MAC Technakohl Eyeliner It is so easy to apply, goes on smooth and acts like a kohl pencil. I love this.

As for any other Make-up I don’t generally wear any, but my favourites to use on clients were these…

Maybelline’s Creme Matte Foundation as recommended by Her. Always applied with a brush for the perfect coverage. 
If you have any blemishes a simple green cover stick applied to problem areas first then the foundation.  

The Givenchy Smokey/Glitter Eye Shadow palette is ideal for the perfect smokey eye. Simply add the cream base, then each colour one by one over the top, building complex shading – I used a blue, grey, matt and glitter black palette (which I can’t find a picture of)
For even more sparkle add a little Barry M Dazzle Dust for extra glittery sparkle. Although you should place a tissue under the bottom lashes before applying the dust as it goes everywhere and can ruin all the work you just did on the foundation. Alternatively add a little Vaseline to the brush to help it stick. 
And talking of Vaseline – Lipstick should always be applied with a brush, for perfect Cupid Bows.

So there you go, a bit of male grooming and a few make-up tips too – as well as a little ‘Malescara’ too!
Is this helpful? What do you use? 
To see what she uses go have a look at HER post too.

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