Good Coffee in Islington

It’s been a while since we reviewed a coffee shop and we have had this one sat here just waiting for the right time to share it with you.

Naturalis Coffee Shop in Islington’s Chapel Street Market.

We have been here a number of times, so that is testament on the quality of this establishment.Situated at the far end of Islington’s daily street market (Chapel Market aka ‘Chap’) and in amongst a Sports Direct, a DIY and numerous Hair Salons. This looks more like a kebab shop than an organic, Fair Trade, no GM, 100% recyclable (including the wood and furniture!) and Specialist food restaurant/Coffee Shop.

Inside you will find the counter that proves that is was indeed at one time a cafe or kebab shop, the glass counter and overhead blackboards with prices, typical of the fast food restaurants. But past this there are plenty of seats with a  prime area of leather sofas and random nick-knacks.

The menu is vast and caters for every dietary need it seems, as well as smoothies, coffees and teas at descent prices. She has had Soup (the daily special of Leek and Potato), we have had sandwiches and of course cake!. With varying degrees of success, namely the soup was weird and bitty – the leeks weren’t blended enough, the sandwiches were pretty good, but the cake was pre-made and pretty dry.
They do seem to have a certain amount of food which is pre-made and just gets re-heated, but that said the rest of good enough to outweigh these. Talking of outweighing – Try a tea, these teapots look very cool and pretty, but weigh a ton, they would be excellent ballast or a good door stop!

There is a loyalty card scheme, but ONLY for COFFEE so not even the teas or smoothies are added, which is strange. So except the oddities Naturalis is worth a lunch-time visit, just expect to share a bench seat, or charge in when someone moves from the couches!

A little while ago She noticed that 216 St Paul’s Road had turned into The New London Cafe.  (We can’t recall now what it was before).After a workout and in desperate need of coffee, along with our guest reviewer – Bruffin – we decided to pop in and get a much needed lunch. When you first step into The New London Cafe you are taken by the decor, it is slightly mis-matched but kinda funky! There is a real mix of old and new, especially when it comes the the back of the shop, where the walls are adorned with old movie star pictures and memorabilia and decorated like your old aunt’s house.

As to the food, well as usual we indulged in, a Cappuccino Mocha and Hot Chocolate and they were not bad, but like everywhere else, if you don’t remember to request them ‘Extra Hot’ they come up barely warm, ass was the case.
But that said, they were really big cup and came with a macaroon or two. Nice little detail. All the cup and saucers are a random mis-matched collection.The food isn’t small either, a simple Brie and Tomato Foccatia came with a well dressed salad.

He went for the Pancakes with Treacle covering it, this was actually too much and was a little sickly – even for Him! (Sorry picture went missing).All in all The New London Café is a delight and another that we have returned to a couple of times since and if we are in the area, will frequent again.

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