Drinking the night away in Rhodes!!

We wanted a bit of piece and quiet for our holiday, but we got a little more than we asked for!Stegna is a little too quiet for our liking so we decided to explore what Rhodes had to offer us in the way of bars and clubs.

There are loads of bars in Stegna (Rhodes) but all seem to shut by 1am. Supposedly they stay open as long as there are customers drinking, but given that most bars have a maximum of 5 customers a night, it’s soon becomes clear nowhere is going to partying the night away.

We tried to experience them all – purely for research purposes you understand, and here is what we thought of them.

Jack’s – With it’s bright, ever changing color lights, that flood onto the beach at night you would have thought that this loud beach bar would be the place to be. Unfortunately it is mostly empty, bar staff are more interested in this new magic called mobile phones, clearly it must be new to the islanders because that is all they can all look at and they don’t pay any attention to the customers, you could easily walk out without paying. However the drink’s menu is extensive so there is that.

Milos – our preferred choice, mostly because of Mikee the tattooed bar man, (the only other tattooed person in all of Stegna it would seem) He was so chill and welcoming that it was such a pleasure to be there, including the fact that he will make you any cocktail you would like as long as you can tell him how. It was also the only place open past 2am and with the best music.

Jazz-in – To be honest this is one of the underwhelming cocktail bars in the whole of Stegna. There is a skinny waitress who takes your order with a smile. The cocktail list isn’t that extensive but all in all its a quick stop if nothing else.

There was one other cocktail bar which was completely unorganized. There’s no name that we can find and also we cant find any picture. Although there seemed to be a large space at the back with seating, the standard five customers were all sat at the front watching the olympics drinking beer. We went here asked for a menu and the bar tender handed us a laminated form with no prices, descriptions or anything. We quickly left and went back to Milos.

Lindos: looks good but we never got there because of a stupid bus driver that told us to get off the bus three stops too soon. However we had researched and when we finally did get to Lindos a few days later we were prepared to go to the ice bar. Unfortunately at €24 per person we didn’t go through with it as it seemed horribly overpriced.

Faliraki: We had to head to Faliraki earlier than we would usually head out, we wandered about saw all the strip clubs the place had to offer. Heard the same 5 songs over and over and over and over…. Every now and then you have an experience where you think “I hope I was never like one of those people” This was one of those moments. It is an incredibly long confusing road with a series of very grabby people trying to get you to attend their bar. If this wasn’t bad they try and lure you in with the promise of free shots and a good time, which not only to me made me feel cheap but also made the whole place seem like a STD warning.  We started at the only bar that wasn’t creepy, promotie, grabby and had a few cocktails, after Her trying possibly the most vilest drink (A Manhattan) we left in search of a night club. After looking for ages with the sound track of Adele’s whining warble blurting from every bar. We looked online and found a bunch of Russian’s handing out fliers we decided to give it a go.

Liquid Club, from the moment we walked in, we should have known. After being led in the direction of the club, through an alley and pretty much forced in the door. Made to pay 5 euro for the promise of a free shot and a free drink each, we walked up a slippy staircase. The bar tenders abruptly shoved a fruit juice shot (non alcoholic) not that most of the clientele could probably tell, and dumped two beers infront of us, telling us ‘you be grateful for what you given now get away from the bar’ We stayed to the end of the beer but pretty much downed it. After watching teen after teen stumbling over one another, to drunk to see in front of them let alone the people that they were dry humping on the dance floor, this all while the air conditioner unit was pumping out pure oxygen in order to make the already intoxicated that much more ‘fucked’ It was horrible experience and a warning to all that this is what alcohol and bad choices lead to.
We paid for a taxi and got the hell out of there!

Rhodes: After the travesty that was Faliraki we decided that we should try a more casual route for nights out or drinking. Although we saw a few bars and clubs that looked good, we had sadly missed the opportunity. We decided as one of our last outings, to partake in one of the challenges of America’s Amazing Race and drink one of the 4 litre boots of beer. Supposedly this was originally an initiation for young soldiers, being made to drink for the most sweaty, unwashed boot of a comrade, thankfully our boot was made of glass. It was a fun experience and a nice refreshing drink after a long hard day of walking.

Sadly that was an end to our holiday, I am sure there was a lot more to do in Rhodes, but without moving about the island and staying in each location for a few days we were unable to experience the full range of the island.
However even a good thing must come to an end and we had to return back to London.

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