The Holidays season is here!

‘Tis the season to be jolly and the time of year for celebrations, multiple layers of warm, warm clothing, lots of food and traditions. For us the Christmas don’t start until we’ve had our cup of steaming mulled wine and a wander around the shops, on the chilly December day. We have done this for at least the last 8 years and last Friday was the day that Christmas truly began.

We have tried the Mulled wine from pubs and stalls in Covent Garden, Camden, Hoxton and Knightsbridge, before discovering the wine merchants of Borough Market and their best Mull in all of the city.

With cups in hand we wandered the food stalls looking at the random selection of everything from cheese to oysters and those poor lobsters and rabbits and being amazed at how much everything costs there.

We passed by the veg stall with its purple cauliflowers and striped tomatoes and other oddities, but all that food was making us hungry.  So being a meat eater and a vegetarian, with more than our fair share of allergies, we find it hard to find food, but we looked and found the Borough Market’s Pie-minister Stall.

She had a Saag Pie-neer and He had a Moo and Blue (bad puns make her smile), both with mash.

Her: I expected the pie to be a bit spicier, but it wasn’t bad, the pastry was thick and flaky and the mash was pretty decent too. The biggest problem I had was not the food but wooden forks, Why? Why would you want to put rough wood in your mouth (really no dirty remarks please), it’s horrible and is making me gag while I write this. So this detracted from the pleasure of eating, which was a shame as I enjoyed it otherwise.

Him: Yeah the fork is just wrong, that said, I think I ate with my fingers in the end, but the Moo and Blue wasn’t bad either, the kick of Stilton was present through the whole pie, the mash was a little like school mash and it could have all been warmer. But for just £4.00 each it’s a lot cheaper than anything else in the market.

So with that all said and done Christmas is fast approaching and the cheesy songs are being played .
So what are your traditions? Please tell us we want to hear from you.
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