Her Top 50 Men


Its that time of year again folks, 2016 is almost over and with that comes our round up of the sexiest Men of the year. Since we did the round up of 2015 we have marked the ups and downs from then and also marked the new entries.

       First up is Her top 50 Men, Then His Top 100 Women and then Her top 100 Women.
You can also check out last years Top 100 Men and Top 100 Women.

I honestly couldn’t think of 100 men to add to this list, without just adding them for the sake of it and he wasn’t likely to even bother to add one. So here are the men that made it.



Top 10

10. Connor Jessup – Actor in American Crime.


Connor was down at 35 last year, but with the release of Closet Monster and his breakthrough performance in American Crime, (supposedly – though we didn’t like it), he has risen up to a credible number 10.

Last Year 35

9. Sam Claflin – Actor in Me Before You.

Claflin has become a total Hipster Trendy, wearing really bad jumpers, growing silly mustaches and has only been seen on the big screen as a lead in Me Before You and it wasn’t his best role. He still has a sense of humor and still Is a guy I would like to meet.

Last Year 2

8. Daniel Gillies – Actor in The Originals.

Daniel is the male Shelley Hennig, he has his weird, quirkiness and outrightly peculiar habits. The accent and the style is downright sexy but the only reason for his 2 place drop is because he is stuck in a plot forgotten TV show.
Last Year 6

7. Jared Padalecki – Actor in Supernatural.



A big riser in this list, He is mainly here because we re-watched all of The Gilmore Girls again this year and I still watch Supernatural and he also come out saying he suffers from depression and that takes some guts to admit it to the world.

Last Year 25

6. Xavier Samuel – Actor in Mr. Church.


He is still one of those people that I watch everything he is in, no matter how crap or weird it is, for that reason alone he warrants a place in the Top 10

Last Year 8


5. Chris Hemsworth – Actor in The Huntsman.


Mr Hemsworth is one of the only people that can still remain attractive with a Scottish accent (no offense) The fact he was in Ghostbusters pretty much taking the piss out of himself and most men for that matter really solidified his top 10 status. The only reason for his drop, is his lack of roles and good films this year.

Last Year 4


4. Dylan O’Brien – Actor in Teen Wolf.
Dylan will always remain a top 10, If not just because he is cute then for his charming and funny personality. What more can a woman want than a good sense of humor?
Last Year 3

3. Jensen Ackles – Actor In Supernatural.
Mr Ackles, is still as sexy as he was 15 years ago, when I first saw him on Dark Angel. His roles are rather limited as I have only really seen him recently as Dean Winchester and someone really has to do a good photo shoot with him.
Last Year 5



2. Jason Momoa – Actor in Sugar Mountain.
Jason Momoa rose this year for no other reason than I saw him in real life (not knowing that it was him) and thought that he was very, very attractive. When He told me that it was Mr Momoa I had to put him at number 2, Plus he climbs!
Last Year 9


1. Bob Morley – Actor in The 100

If you ask me who my most perfect man is, Bob will always be the answer. Firstly he is gorgeous! Secondly the accent! Thirdly he has an awesome personality, fourthly he has a really cute sense of humor. Fifthly he’s a frigging good climber! Sixthly he apparently really a nice guy to meet (though I have not had the pleasure) I mean the list could go on but Ill stop there.

Last Year 1


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