Woodberry Wetlands

You may have seen our post on Instagram the other day but did any of you guess where we were?

We were at the Woodbury Wetlands, on a pleasant afternoon bike ride we discovered this idilic and tranquil spot in the middle of North London.

Situated between Stanford Hill and the Castle Climbing Center these former filter beds of the New River have been turned into a wildlife haven and opened to the public for the first time by the London Wildlife Trust.

There is lots of flora and fauna to be seen, with notice boards letting you know what to keep your eyes peeled for. Though we didn’t see many of the publicised animals including any King Fishers, we are sure that they were off regally fishing else where

After wandering around the East Reservoir we stumbled across a little building, Lizzy’s Coffee Shop at The Coal House.

Since we found this place, it was only right to sample their coffees. We ordered our usual, a Hot Chocolate and a Mocha and sat outside to enjoy the views. It is currently filled with a fair amount of building works which is a tad distracting but never the less a nice view.

The menu is pretty expansive with a fair amount of things on toast, which is actually a decent price given every coffee shop in the area.

Waitress brought our coffee out to us, there was also blankets to keep the breeze off our legs, we sat back and relaxed took a sip.Eggghhh!The coffee was soo sour and tasted somewhat like turmeric! The hot chocolate was cold even though we asked for extra hot, the taste itself was ok but it left a horrible aftertaste. Plus the cups were the usual small even though they are called large.

After we had taken in the view, drank as much of the coffee as we could, we followed the little path out of the reserve and into the new developments of luxury apartments

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