Good and Bad Coffee (Camden)

We don’t often get to Camden these days, or more accurately we avoid it, now that it is mostly fake and full of tourists asking ‘Where are all the punks?”

But this week and a while back we found ourselves there and sort out coffees.


Back in December in the cold we visited Lantana in the Middle Yard of Camden’s Stables, to hide from the rain and chill out for a bit.

But what we found was a draughty, open space, with rickety chairs and wobbly tables and mild froth in polystyrene cups.

The food was a bit expensive (not as bad as some and nowhere near as expensive as the stalls outside.) But also lacked any flavour or style and served on paper plates. The standard patterns in the froth may look good but really they could have been sprayed on, for the coffee was like melted plastic.

It was all a bit too cheap and not very cheerful.


This week however, we found ourselves back in Camden and rather than run to the Cafe Nero as we tend do – given that we have reviewed enough of them around town we searched out Pure on Camden High Rd.

We were greeted by more puns than you could throw a stick at.Like Feta Together, Big Advogoat and Lock, Stock and Smoked Salmon and with a real selection of vegetarian sandwiches and bagels too.I was in heaven. We ordered two mochas and took our sandwiches (Ariba Fajita and Vegan Project)and sat in a little booth.

The decor was rustic industrial, moroccan tiles and half plastered walls. The staff were friendly and seemed to enjoy the company. A pleasant change from the usual ‘I’m going to spit in your coffee’ attitude many Baristas have in other places. The coffees were good, hot and made with nuggets of melted chocolate.

And should you need it they even deliver.We will be visiting more Pure’s in the future and we would recommend you do too.


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