Said Dal 1923

We have reviewed many coffee shops and it seems to be that, drinking coffee/hot chocolate should be our superpower. Well were at it again but this time due to looking at we decided to try a little chocolate in our lives and go visit Said Dal 1923.

To be honest you probably would walk past this chocolate shop on Broadwick St, if you didn’t know it was there.
Said is an Italian coffee shop, small and subtle, nestled between a pub (John Snow – no not from GoT) on one side and a off license on the other.
At times you may even have trouble getting inside, while we were there they put a rope across the door and started a list of the next people to be allowed in, due to the serious lack of seating inside, which can prove how popular and good the chocolate is.

Upon entering you are certainly spoilt for choice as far as chocolate goes.

There are cakes, cookies, ice creams with cones made of chocolate, there are blocks and bags of pure cocoa, as well as filter coffee and others delights.

The table next to us sat four people and they ordered (ready for it?!)
4x Mochas
3 Extra Large Hot Chocolates
A Chocolate Martini.
2x Slices of Death by Chocolate cake
Strawberries dribbled with 3 chocolates and
4x cookies
Then bought 4 blocks of chocolate, 2 packets of strong coffee and got up to leave without even looking at the bill, throwing down 2x £50’s and a £20!

We ordered a couple of regular Hot Chocolates and took a seat.
Then waited for about five minutes.
A waitress appeared to take our order again!
She asked if we wanted the cup dribbled with the triple chocolate. Of course we did, but be warned this is charged extra, £2 a cup extra.

The staff were rather offish, weather that be from lack of care or the language barrier (i’m not sure) Though they did seem to have their work cut out for them. The decor is a lot of cooking moulds that cover walls, shelves of chocolate for sale and bags of the coffee.

On to the chocolate itself.
It is the ultimate Hot Chocolate. Hot melted chocolate, mixed with full cream milk and ladled into a cup, pure and simple.
It can get rather messy drinking it, with the cup smeared with even more chocolate.
We ordered two cups the same size yet one was notably smaller than the other, but when we tried to correct this the staff didn’t want to know, they just kept saying ‘they same size’.

I am not as big a sweet lover as he is, I’d rather a fruit Smoothie, but the occasional indulgence is allowed, but this was too much, I should have had a small cup instead. He had to finish mine as it was just too much of a chocolate overload.I have never had trouble drinking a simple cup of Hot Chocolate but this was so filling, it’s wonderful. It’s like something Willy Wonker invented. The bill was a bit of a surprise really, 2 regular Hot Chocolates came to £12.80.

Next time you’re in Carnaby St or when you pop in to Liberty, take a walk down to Broadwick St and indulge in a chocolate overload. We would recommend missing the lunchtime rush. It’s open till late so you have time and maybe we’ll see you there, sat in the corner feeling stuffed!


Do you know Said? Do you like it? What should we try next time?
If you visit, let us know what you thought..
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