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We are at it again! Over the past few months we have visited a lot of different places and sought out coffee. Once again we thought it was better to do a mega post of all the wonderful and not so, shops. So without further ado, on with the post….

The Pop up Coffee shop/art Gallery with no name next to the Arch

After a long day of climbing at the Arch, we were in need of coffee and rather than get a little flat white from the reception of the wall. We decided to try this place.

After looking, we couldn’t find a name, it seems to just be a gallery/studio space that is rented, so it may not be there in a few months.

There are some Photos on display and screen prints up along the vast expanse of white walls, we didn’t take any photos of the art work itself as we didn’t want to infringe copyright.

Though they don’t look like much, these Mocha’s were some of the best we have tasted in a LONG time!

The venue seemed a bit empty whilst we were there on a weekday afternoon, but it may get more packed later on.

We didn’t sample any of the cakes or the beers but the prices seemed more than reasonable (1.50 for a gluten free cake and coffees are 2.50.) The decor was eclectic to say the least but incredibly comfortable, all in all we were pleasantly surprised and will return if it is still there when we next find ourselves in Bermondsey.

Zer’s is a small independent coffee shop tucked behind one of the new build apartment blocks in Woodbury Downs. It is fairly hard to find if you don’t know what or where you are looking, we walked around in a circle trying to find it. It was worth it in the end though.

There is a good selection of vegetarian, gluten free, vegan and other dietary needs on the menu.

Also Hot Chocolate!

We suspect that it used to be a workman’s cafe before the new development and then was closed, then re-opened in this new location as a more snazzy version of itself. They still have a All Day Full Breakfasts, as well as Wraps and Dinners, plus a wine nd beer selection.

We indulged in two Mocha’s and two Veggie wraps. One was Halloumi and Grilled Peppers. The other was a Falafel and Hummus wrap. We shared half each and both agree the Falafel was better, the grilled peppers were just tasteless and ruined it.

The drinks were good though, Hot even though it was a mildly warm day (that’s scorching hot by British Standards).

Trade is a new Coffee Shop in Islington’s Essex Road. It fits the trendy scene, with its brass, wooden tables and leather chairs.

We ordered a Mocha and a Latte and were taken back by the service, it was abysmal. There were three staff, one of whom was on his first day and it was him that got left all alone to try to guess how to work the Espresso machine in order to make our drinks, while his supervisor buggered off.

The resulting drinks were well quite good for a first attempt – so well done to him – but the cups were tiny.

This photo makes them look way bigger than they were (honestly) and it probably looks warmer than it was!

Mercer and Co, chapel street market, opened where Euphorium Bakery used to be. It’s a Salt Beef bar and Canteen with a good selection of vegetarian options as well as Bagels from Brick Lane and Salt beef from local sources.

We first stumbled upon this place a couple of months back, as we were trying to escape the rain, and the place looked inviting. It’s small and simple, a few bench tables and chairs and an odd angular table/seating thing at the far end.

We ordered two mochas and one red pepper, humous, spinach, feta and avocado sandwich and one salt beef sandwich minus the mustard.

The coffees were a good size and quite good all round, certainly the coffee there is the best in Angel.

Her: The sandwich was pretty decent from what I remember, good size and some strong flavors, also very good value for money.

Him: After a bit of a mix up due to allergies I ended up ordering a Salt beef sandwich, the staff were very helpful and accommodating. It has been years since I have had salt beef, it was as good as what i can remember. I would have it again.

We have since returned a few times for coffees and we both indulged in their Chilli (Veg and meat.) Which likewise were pretty decent, the two chilies came to 5 pound together (which is their lunch offer) It was full of flavor and we haven’t found anything so far to say is bad about it.

Parliament Hill Cafe.

A couple of weeks ago we took an afternoon’s walk around Hampstead Heath and was in much need of fuel. We figured we should grab a coffee and sandwich to go from this place.

This place seems to have been here for ages, and was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t typical  Hampstead prices.

We ordered two Mochas, and as we were limited with our sandwich choices (seems ham is required in NW5) we ended up with two mozzarella, basil and sun-dried tomato toasties. The coffee was good, really good in decent quantity but took a while to make.  The sandwiches took a LONG time, to toast or they sat on the side before the staff brought it to us. They weren’t bad but then again they weren’t great and were about 4.50 each.

So there you have it, a little roundup of all the places we have visited in the search for the perfect (or at least half decent) coffee.

Stay tuned for more.

If you have any recommendations let us know in the comments below…

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