Bluebird Tea Company

Need we say more?

Bluebird Tea Co.

Now technically this isn’t a coffee shop, sure they do a few latter’s but it is actually one of the many new Tea Shops opening up around town.

Bluebird seem to be a chain of Tea Shops all over the country, this one is in Camden Passage, that quirky little pedestrianised road hidden behind Islington’s Upper St.

The selection is vast and the staff are very interactive, pouring out any of the hundred or so teas for you to smell before choosing.

I do wonder how much tea they loose from spilling it all over the countertops! 

Well after a lot of deliberation we ordered and took a seat downstairs.

On the only seats available, clearly they need more chairs! 

It is a little sparse down there!

So to the drinks…

Bob chose a Mulled Cider, I like a more fruity tea. This was yummy, not to overpowering with cinnamon it was just right.

Ash just had to try their seasonal and potentially disgusting Snowflake Latté…

Yes it is tea, really. Well supposedly and I was not sure about this one. But I dared and WOW it was really good – if you like really sweet – That said I cannot drink tea with sugar in it, so it wasn’t that sweet, it was surprising though and a unique taste. 

We have our loyalty card and we will most definitely be returning for more random and surprising teas. 

Have you been to Bluebird? What tea do you like?

Leave us a comment below and give us a follow.

Stay tuned for more tea/coffee shops soon.

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