The Last Coffee Post of 2017

Over the past year we have gone to loads of Coffee shops, we have drunk more than we probably should have in Mochas! and so we have saved up another batch of good and bad coffee.

So on we go.

Tazza Lounge in Holloway Road

This was a surprise, the coffee was actually really good, The cups are also really quite large and a decent price. Especially given the location (where espresso is the only thing in the world.) Also it is a cafe. 

It is surprising how big it is inside too!! The only draw back is it smells like cat litter.


Maichai is a small kiosk building underneath the wings of the N1 center. This wasn’t Ash’s Cup of Tea! So Bob went with guest reviewer Bruffin.

I really wanted to like this place, it’s quite pretty decor wise, it’s all yellows and whites. There seemed to be a vast selection of tea’s with a few options with Lattes. I got a Cacao Latte, though it sounded nice and the coffee art was pretty. It tasted cardboard and not much else, it was actually a cup full of nothing but left a really odd taste in your mouth afterwards. Bruffin’s was ok though.

Bruffin: This was disgusting I got a Lemon and Ginger Tea (Though I am usually a Coffee drinker) I couldn’t taste the Ginger but I couldn’t finish it. It was horrible I will never return.

Temptations Café

This is one of the places we run to if we are at Highbury getting the train. It is very affordable and the coffee is good! Not only that but the sandwiches are pretty yummy! The staff are also a fun, pleasant lot, just avoid lunch time when they are rushed off their feet and you can barely get in there.

Gainsborough Café

This was disappointing! We have been meaning to go in here for quite some time but since we knew there wasn’t any seating, we knew we needed to get a takeout. Now we wish we hadn’t bothered, The coffee was disgusting! Literally the only thing nice about the whole thing was the biscotti.

Well there you go a final round-up of Coffee Shops of London for 2017. We hope you like our selections and we would love to hear what you think of these and anymore you think we need to try out. 

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