Why our lives Suck!

As you can probably tell this is not going to be the most chipper post on here, however this is probably one of the most honest ones and the hardest to write as well as tell. So pre-warning. This is all factual and is from our personal experiences, there is no exaggeration. We decided to write this to tell you why we started this blog anonymously, why we are a bit quiet on social media and to ask if anyone can help or has experienced this to come forward and talk. Below is a summary of what has happened, as to tell you everything they do would be longer than a Tolkien novel.

Stalking once reserved for the over romantic, the strange people who have no boundaries and the weird creepy ex lovers in movies. Sure horror films are filled with ‘stalkers’ and those storylines are intriguing, compelling and at times scary. However those are movies and for us a stalker/harasser is a very real thing. Over the past 11 years both of us have been stalked by the same anonymous person, every single day, never relenting, never stopping and more than anything never giving us a reason why. 

This all started 11 years ago when…

Ash was a Photographer with a steady stream of Models, friends and ambition.

Bob had been a Model, Jobs lined up, incredibly social and had almost her whole life infront of her. 

This is how we had met, we started working together and became instant friends. We didn’t click at first, in fact we were close to polar opposites but we did have the same eye for the types of photos that we wanted to collaborate with.

We did the first shoot together and found that we were so comfortable with each other to the point of offensive that how could we not become friends? We went from there, we did a few more shoots together, then working became meeting at a pub or going for coffee and then we started talking on the phone, life was good. 


Then a year later our live started its slow decline.

Year 1

After sending a file over Skype of a photoshoot we had recently done our laptops/computers got completely swamped with pictures of Crows/Huskies, almost like a virus, every single folder or file was transformed into a jpg or png of a crow. The more we deleted the more appeared, just think this was the start. Then a friend of ours on MSN became strange, started sending thousands of pictures, getting abusive, invasive and clingy (Completely uncharacteristic) we now realize that she must have been hacked and we were talking to someone else for a couple of months. 

All of this could have been a prank but it wasn’t.

Year 2

Our careers were targeted next Ash’s websites and online profiles were hacked into and whomever was behind all of this started changing his about me sections to imply illegal activity (peodeofilia and general perverted content) This completely slandered his name, not only that but they began to try and take credit for his previous works by removing his copyright and emailing companies saying that they took the original when clearly they had just messed about with the picture.

Then they started on Bobs profiles, cancelling arranged shoots, being abusive to upcoming/future arrangements to the point of the photographers saying that they never wanted to work with me or even consider it again or offering sexual favors for work. This resulted in photographers offering to work with her for a blowjob etc. Her profile pictures were changed to people fisting themselves and the about me sections were changed to imply beastiality and much more perverted things. No one wanted to work with Bob and if they did it wasn’t for the right reasons. 

No matter how hard we tried to keep websites going, to try and fix what they had fucked up, we couldn’t, our careers were over.


Year 3

If all of that wasn’t bad enough they started hacking social media and pretending to be us and either abusing, misleading or screwing up friendships. In the space of 2 weeks both of us had lost a big group of friends, when we reached out to people to explain what had happened some people stuck around, some didn’t believe us, some we could never reach again and others just didn’t think that we were worth the trouble. The concept of when someone is going through a bad time see who sticks around, those are your true friends, was suddenly more than a concept. 

Year 4

Then holding on to the small group that did stick around we tried to keep going, living, socialising but becoming increasingly weary and scared of dragging people down with us. Depression which both of us suffered from beforehand suddenly kicked in full throttle, paranoia started and PTSD. We began withdrawing, isolating ourselves because we had no other choice. 


That resulted in our already small group of friends becoming even less because we were too ‘hard’ to be around, we weren’t as fun as before, we had become too depressed, too anxious, you name it we were losing people because of it. We couldn’t help it! 4 Years of constant torture does this to a person. We were suffering from PTSD but people weren’t realizing how hard this was to deal with. When you spoke about it we got “It must be so cool having a stalker!” “I wish I had a stalker!” and “So your like famous?! Cool! That must be fun!” people just weren’t getting it. 


We got closer, the more intense the stalker got the more we relied on each other for support. We were the only ones who understood what this was doing to us.

During these 4 years we contacted the police and was told that we weren’t famous enough for a stalker. That “It’s not a rape or a murder so it’s not important” Think of an excuse we got it. We were fobbed of and basically told to fuck off. 

Year 5

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 17.06.00.png

We started receiving anonymous texts 

Things like “A Nif in the bak rally Urts” and if there was someone that bumped into you in the street you would receive a text saying “Bang? Did dat urt?” They must have seen what happened you start to get freaked out wondering if they can see you. Who are they? Can they see me now? This happened throughout the year, texts threatening, telling us where we were, what we were doing etc. 

Then they managed to spoof our numbers and emails and a number of other things making it seem like we were texting people, or friends were texting us and the like. We could no longer trust texts as we didnt know who they were coming from. 

All the  texts were done off of places like CBFSMS so they were completely untraceable. We went back to the police with all of this evidence. 


We were told that none of the things that we presented them with was real. “It’s all James Bond stuff”, “What is this Googelley that you are talking about?” “So you were a photographer? Did you take nude pics?” “You were a model? Like a glamour model?”or “Well you are just doing it to each other!” 

This was supposedly the UK cyber and stalking help team! Who didn’t know what Google was? We weren’t doing it to each other! It was happening! We had a whole folder of evidence! We were fobbed off yet again!

Year 6


The phone calls started

We started to get phone calls with a robotic voice/ google translate, this was sometimes on unknown numbers or we were getting it over the top of us talking to each other. We have been told its piggybacking off the signal. They started giving us cryptic clues that made no sense. They would just generally talk complete crap over the top of us talking. The closer we got to coming up with what they must be like, the personality or what they were saying would change. We worked out it was a red  herring, yet another thing to waste time on.  During this time they were continuing with things they had done in the previous year on top of this.

Year 7


The emails started. On top of all the things that had a happened for all previous years, our inboxes on email accounts were swamped. Receiving thousands of sign ups, newsletter subscriptions, spam emails and anonymous emails that were spelt abysmally. Our emails were almost impossible to get onto because of the sheer volume of what they were doing. 

Year 8


Catalogues by the hundreds were ordered on a daily basis, literally day by day our houses were swamped with the sheer quantity. What we later found out is that they had signed onto a website called catalink where you can order up to 200 catalogues a day to your home address and that was what they were doing to us Every.Single. Day! With random names such as I ‘ Mr IWashingyou etc’  this not only overwhelmed us, it really pissed off our postmen/women.

Year 9

Because we hardly went out anymore, we watched a lot of TV and Movies. We live separately so we often watch the same thing and audio chat over a VOIP so we can talk while we watch. We started getting another person piggybacking on our signal and burping, farting, bleeping  and grunting over the top of the videos. This happened every day and then the ‘Tree thing’ happened. Every single time one of our shows contained a tree in the foreground or background they took a screenshot and sent an image like this one to our email…. So if you have read anything on this blog that contains the word ‘Trees” that has no relevance to anything we are saying, then know that this is the reason why.

This is an actual image emailed to us.

So as soon as the episode/movie ended an email appeared We still don’t understand the relevance to’ Trees’ but it is something they continue with all the time. This was often from Guerrillamail/ebaumsworld or an email where they would call themselves Liam Mipel (whom we don’t know)

We went to a Stalking Advocacy to get help, they gave us this information

Our stalker was showing signs of all of these, which they found bizarre. They told us they would help us and got in touch with the police again. The police one again, as useful as they are (sarcasm) told us that we were making all of this up. It was impossible and if we ever contacted them in regards of this “stalker” they would arrest us for wasting police time. 

Year 10

We now knew we were alone! The police weren’t going to do anything, they had lost some of our evidence, they had kept our phones for over 5 months and didn’t end up even looking at them. They simply just didn’t give a shit. We tried to escalate the case but was told until we could point out a suspect they couldn’t/wouldn’t help.

Now Combine all of these things, with the past few years ammo and now a few more things thrown into the mix. 


The guess the piece of music started …Where they would play music over the top of our conversations and not stop until we guessed the piece of music. This was usually absolute crap and to this day still is! 

Call back services were requested – Hundreds of them, often the same company with a hundred different names registered with our mobile/house numbers. All hours of the day, someday’s we would receive 100 in a day.

Signing into adult chatrooms and pretending to be us, handing out a mobile numbers for phone sex at 11pm to 6am – Which resulted in hundreds of dirty calls, which either hung up when they found out we hadn’t given them the number or just wanked over the phone much to our disgust. In the case of Bob, they didn’t care that it wasn’t me that gave them the number they just wanted a woman, what the hell is wrong with people! Clearly waking me up at 5am is not enough! 

This meant from 11pm – 6am sleep was becoming impossible/broken. 

8am -6pm Sales calls. 

12pm postman would come with 50 catalogues. 

1pm Clearing out 100’s of sign up emails

Then the interference on the calls that we did make, including hangups, burping etc.

This is/was every day. 

We tried to fight depression, the stress, the anxiety, panic, paranoia, pain, despair, lack of sleep. We lost the will to fight knowing that we were alone. The police had made it clear they didn’t give a shit. The harasser/stalker had/has no intention of stopping or telling us who they are or what they want. We have had almost 10 years of therapy because of this as it compounded our problems before and now after.

Year 11


As of 2018 this has been going on every single day for 11 years. We are no closer to knowing who they are, what they want or why this is happening. Hell we don’t even know if it is just one person! We have endured this over this amount of time and during which we have been forced to not work, not to go out, not to have fun, not to be social media present, we started this blog in hopes that we could say Fuck you, we will prevail! It is our little rebellion against whoever this freak is.

Message to the idiot in question.

If you are reading this Fuck you! You Loser!

This is not a trophy! This is not a wanted thing! We want this ended! We want justice and more than anything we just want our lives back. 

Our health not just mental but physical has become horrendus, from weight gain due to stress, sleep problems, breakdowns, blackouts, memory problems, stomach pains, IBS, heart palpitations, panic attacks, social withdrawal, lethargy, paranoia, pain in general. Everything has become to much! We are in a constant state of having to fight our instinct to curl up and die. We cannot run, we lost our money because of this person. We cannot hide, we have nowhere to go. We cannot escape. We cannot get help – we have been told we are not worth it or it’s simply a waste of resources. We feel afraid to do anything, to make new friends, to even step out of the house sometimes is more than an effort for fear of being followed or tracked. This is not life! This is survival. 

All of the past years aspects still happen to this day, tonight I expect that we will have noises, interruptions, emails and more, tomorrow the same and the day after that and so on and so on. 

So please if you know anything or can help in any way please do. Your help will prove that literally anyone and anything is better than the police in situations like this.
Either way stalking is not taken seriously in the UK but that is just another problem with this country. If you know anything, can think of a way to help and/or help us solve this please let us know. 

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