Seven Seasons of Beer.

Beer, needless to say but we love it! However we are rather fussy and have a lot of taste preferences. Plus we don’t much like Lager. That is where Seven Seasons come in.

Craft beer has become rather trendy over the last few years and suddenly it’s normal for every pub and club to have at least one IPA on tap and a few ‘Guest beers’ too and that’s so welcome, but we still like our own more traditional ‘real ales’ and something a little different, as last year’s Great British Beer Festival and Pub Crawl posts will have shown.

After searching for stockist of Siren and Tiny Rebel Beers (some of our favourite beers) we found a place and just had to check it out immediately!

The 7 Seasons was opened in early 2017 in London’s trendy Hoxton, land of the aforementioned IPA revolution and is filled to the brim with IPA’s, APA’s, AusPA, Double IPA’s, as well as Stouts, Saisons, Sours, Milds, Lights, Darks, Porters, Gluten Free, Ciders, Perrys, Reds and even blondes!

The shop was opened by Stefan Müller and he is a mind of beer facts and is always on hand to help select the perfect beers to buy.

We have been back a lot since, for a random beer with dinner, to buy birthday presents and just because!

So what have we found in our many trips to 7 Seasons? 


Of course there is the Tiny Rebel Brewery – We like TR, but have very divided tastes.

Ash: I love The Stay Puft, Imperial Puft and my favourite is the new Sugar Rush. Sweet stouts with fun ingredients, who would have thought to use marshmallow in beer?

Bob: I tried them but didn’t think much of them, except the Stay Puft is disgusting.

Bob, ever the sour girl! just adores the Mojito Sour.

Its all kinds of delicious but I can’t drink it all night. Ash can’t stand it

No it’s disgusting how and why?

We have had tzatziki beer (it really does taste of cucumber, yoghurt and mint), but you wouldn’t be drinking it all night. It does sound disgusting but it isn’t, you just don’t want more than one!

Siren Beer’s Pompelmocello, is a tart, zesty grapefruit sour that has us divided again.

Bob: This is one of the most wonderful drinks ever to be created.  

Ash: I do not like sour beers, it’s just wrong, but if you have to drink it, this has a refreshing taste, but drink a whole pint? How? No not for me.

Howling Wolf from Two Chefs Brewing – An imperial stout of epic flavour, if you’re not a dark beer drinker this could change your mind. One we agree on. 

Espresso  Rich Coffee Beer by Dark Star is a delicious marvel and in a big 500ml bottle too.

Ash: This has set the standard to which stouts and porters now have to reach for me, it’s got such a rich flavour.

Bob: Hey it’s Beer and Coffee together, what’s not to love about it?

Paradigm Shift by Williams Brothers, this was bought purely because of the name, A red IPA of interesting and unusual tastes. It turned out more to Bob’s liking than Ash’s but still went down well.

Paradigm Shift 

There have been many more and many have been forgotten, the only reason these have remained is when we like them enough we save the labels. 

Tonight we are indulging in another small selection of…

Another Tiny Rebel, the Super Saison, The White Hag Coffee Nitro Stout, Chicha Pale and Passion Fruit Gose.

But to see what we think of them you’ll have to check out our twitter tomorrow!

But for now, if you are in North London and wanting a beer to take home, then head down Hoxton Market and pop in to see Stefan and his hoard of over 400 beers. Surely there’ll be something new for you to try tonight. We certainly will be in again soon.

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