Coffee Shop Mega Post April 18

Well it’s been a few weeks since a coffee shop post and we have been around London sampling more of the city’s attempts to make the perfect cup of ‘Jo’!  Here are the latest of our findings.

Tea & Glory Camden

We struggle to find a good coffee in Camden these days and while on a recent weekday visit we noticed this new place opposite the Stables on Chalk Farm Rd. It’s looks more like a retro furniture shop at first, only the name on the hoarding along the side road gave it’s true identity up.

Inside it’s another trendy coffee shop upstairs, low leather couches, lots of wooden panel and shelves selling bags of loose leaf teas, but with a secret downstairs. Seemingly it transforms during the evening into a restaurant or more of a bar as there is a kitchen and a lot of seating. Plus an amazing piece of wall art to transport you to another world.

But what’s the coffee like? Well we stuck to Mocha’s even though the name would suggest tea would  be the choice beverage and we ordered a couple of bagels too.

The cups were big, chunky and filled to the brim. Plus it was actually hot and delicious. Perfect for a cold, wet Wednesday in London. The Bagels too were well worth the visit.

We are glad we found Tea & Glory and we will be back, next time we find ourselves in Camden.

Jaz & Jul’s Chocolate House

Since we have previously been to almost all the coffee shops in the Islington/Angel area, we were exploring one day and came upon this. Jaz & Jul’s from the outside just looks like a chocolate shop, which in part it is, You can buy bags of chocolate in store and on the website. It is all ethically sourced with natural flavourings (so none of the yucky stuff!) 

We went in and bought a Mocha and a Hot Chocolate but there was so many different types of chocolate that we were spoilt for choice. There was also different blends of coffee (So many, many choices!)

Though we took a look at the menu we didn’t get anything that time however we do vow to return for a different blend of chocolate/coffee and when we do we will get something to eat too.

It was incredibly spacious downstairs in the shop with the little alcovey seating areas that we love.

We returned here this week and sampled more chocolate based drinks, Bob stuck with a Mocha, but had an Orange flavoured chocolate and Ash tried the Chilli Con Chocolate. The service was great again. The coffees were once more delicious, however the Chilli was a little spicy and in a rather small cup, whereas Bob’s Mocha was in a large bowl like mug, was like coffee poured inside a Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

Peyton & Byrne

We went for a wander down to Greenwich a couple of weeks ago, to roam about the heath and while we there we needed a dose of coffee, we looked up and down the High St and though there were a number of the standard Pret’s, Costa’s, etc. We spotted one bakery and Cafe that seemed really popular, so we popped in.

The food looked good and interesting, the staff were polite, even in the rush of a Friday afternoon, we ordered the usual – 2 mochas – and a tartlet and savoury muffin and a bit of chocolate cake for an extra treat. (We were hungry after our long walk!)

The cups were paper and hard to hold, because the coffee was really hot (We’re not in Clerkenwell anymore Toto!) It was busy and we couldn’t find a seat, so we took our food and left. The Tartlet was really nice, the savoury muffin not so much, but  the coffees were really good.

If we ever find ourselves in deepest, darkest Blackheath again, we may return.

Six Degrees Collective Camden Passage

This is a new addition to Camden Passage, having taken over the very expensive secondhand shop. Though we were a bit skeptical about going in here as its right next door to the Bluebird Tea Shop. It feels like we were betraying them.

However in the name of research and in the search for the greatest coffee we decided to give it a go. Ash had a hot chocolate and Bob had just a plain Black Coffee. 

The decor was a little odd, the gazebo with fake leaves, the mismatched tables and oh mind your step, we both tripped down one of the random steps (and the staff seem to trip too!)

The staff are very friendly and helpful, see they are waving!

But what was the coffees like? Well they were really,  really small and the mocha was only just warm, though it was ok. 

However the black Coffee had a distinctly odd taste, something like Sushi! 

Well there you go another four coffee shops in London only another 9,996 to go!

Do you have any recommendations? Any Favourites we should try out? Or do you run a coffee shop you want us to review? Please tell us we really need to find more new places to try.

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