Coffee Megapost July 2018


It’s been a few months and it seems we have exhausted a lot of the little, independent coffee shops in the areas we visit and we find ourselves returning to the same ones time and again, because we know we will get a decent cup of Java in a cup bigger than a seamstresses thimble! Or tasting like the dregs of a cup the morning after at a house party.

But we still have been to a few little places and these we want to share with you, to suggest you do or don’t go there yourselves.

Park Theatre

This is cool! A real surprise for us to find behind Finsbury Park Station.

We have never been there before and tend to avoid Finsbury Park area as it used to be a dump, a place for crazies and drunks. Somehow, someone decided to put a theatre here and with it a coffee shop, then to populate it with artsy types and small dogs.

The coffee was good, not too small, in large, bowl cups and with squishy seats. We also got a vegan pistachio cake which was a little dry but really quite nice.

Pophams Bakery.

This is a little coffee shop hidden down a back road of Islington, nestled between Prebend St and Popham Street. 

Image from Pophams Bakery

We were originally looking in here to get some lunch but everything on the menu was either something we were allergic to, meat or was some disgusting combination.

Found Image from Google.

The coffees were really small as you can see above and didn’t taste of anything mostly foam to be honest.


A strange place is Hackney Wick, it’s a mass of derelict buildings, grafitti and new developments, there are a few coffee shops that seem to be in these abandoned buildings and don’t look like they are there to stay, kind of ‘squatting coffee’. But one shop is Pearl, at the end off of Wallis Road, a large place that may be filled with trendies in trousers that never reach their ankles, mustaches and Governess Bikes. It’s all about looking exactly the same as everyone else, drinking flat whites and IPA’s and talking about how trendy they are and how Mummy and Daddy bought the building they live in! Blah Blah blah.  Oh yeah the coffee? it was crap, tiny, warm (because trendies can’t drink it hot, it might burn their mustache!) and tasteless.

So there you go coffee shops to avoid for the most part. Drink beer instead, Beer in the morning, lunch time drinking and top it off with 8-9 pints each and every night, what more could you need or want to do with your life, apart from subscribe to us and hear about boring coffee shops and climbing walls that never change their routes!

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