Mildreds Restaurant

Having suffered the share lack of Vegetarian food on our recent holiday to Corsica, we decided it was time we treated ourselves to a meal in a restaurant and not the usual Penné Arrabbiata that most restaurants offer as the only Veggie option, instead we headed to Camden and Mildred’s Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant. 

Mildred’s is a large open plan, glass fronted building on Jamestown Rd, just off Camden High St NW1. There are also others in the chain, in Soho, King’s Cross and Dalston. 

We had past the Camden branch on a few occasions, taking the back way around the busy, tourist filled High Rd and to avoid the 7,852 shops selling crap and the fake history that these days makes up the once infamous shopping area.

Last Friday evening we popped in for Dinner. We clearly timed it perfect, getting in there at just before 7pm, just as the first rain of the last few weeks, fell from the sky and with it came a deluge of hungry customers. 

We were cordially greeted and shown to a little table for two, we looked at the menu and Shock! Horror! There was so much to choose from. Of course it’s vegan/vegetarian, compared to meat biased restaurants but still, even when we do find veggie options it tends to be either Aubergine [Bob is allergic] or Pumpkin [Ash is allergic] so it limits our options.

In the end we had it down to the Chicken Burger, the Thai Curry, The Chicken Burrito and the Mushroom and Ale Pie 

Choices, choices!

Courtesy of Midred’s Website

After much deliberating Bob is having the pie and Ash is having the Burrito and two Citrus Beers (there is only 2 choices).

The beers arrive quickly enough, a little disappointing, two 300ml cans (and glasses) charged at £5 is a bit much. but we sit, chatting and watch as the place starts to fill up, by the time our plates are in front of us the place is buzzing, loud with chatter and laughter and groups from 2 to 8 are being served. A couple on a date sit next to us and they order the (weirdly enough) two meals we rejected, the Chicken Burger and the Chicken Katsu Curry and it has to be said we were eying that curry and burger like we’d made the wrong choice. 

But the Burrito wasn’t bad itself, a little heavy on the Chipotle (Ash is not a fan) at one end, but after the first mouthful and a wash down with the sharp beer all was good.

The Pie wasn’t bad, if anything it was a bit too mushroomy for my liking, I was hoping for more ale! Again it had a peculiar Chipotle flavor which was really off-putting. 

The portions weren’t bad, if you wanted the bigger plates you’d go for the curry, the dish is like a giant conch shell and about the same size! The little lady next to us failed to finish it and passed it over to her date, who had demolished the burger, which in itself was no mean feat.

We signaled for the bill Including the service charge already added it came to £37.

By the time we left at 8pm there were a number of parties loitering in the lobby waiting for tables with the rain not intending to stop for the rest of the night. But the pub was beckoning so we had to obey the call!

There may well be a revisit at some point in the future as there was just so many choices. Maybe we will try Soho or Kings Cross.

Have you been to Mildreds? What did you think? Have you got any Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants that you recommend? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe while you are at it.

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